Former Mayor Juan Mendoza Acosta Among 18 Killed : Know more about the incident

Former México Mayor Juan Mendoza Acosta, along with 17 other people, has been killed in a series of Narcos-style drug cartel attacks in Western Mexico by a group of “armed civilians” on Wednesday, October 5, 2022.

Following the horrific incident, the attorney general of Guerrero said that 18 people were killed, while three were injured in the attacks. Meanwhile, the defence ministry said they are deploying army and navy units to the area to find the gunmen.

Since this news broke out on social media, it has been making headlines at a large volume. People have been frightened and terrified after going through this news and have been paying their condolences on social media platforms. Keep reading this article to learn more about Juan Mendoza, the horrific incident, and much more!

Who is Juan Mendoza Acosta? How did he die?

Juan Mendoza Acosta was a former municipal president and mayor who was killed in the Narcos-style drug cartel attacks in Mexico. He was among the 18 people who were killed with assault rifles by a large group of “armed civilians” on Wednesday, October 5. The group of attackers entered the house of the former mayor and murdered him, after which the attack moved to the town hall.

In another coordinated attack, Acosta’s son, who is the mayor of a small Mexican town, Mayor Conrado Mendoza Almeda, was also among the victims of these attacks. Conrado Mendoza was gunned down as he left the San Miguel Totolapan town hall alongside council workers and police officers in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero. The police officers and council workers were also killed in the town hall massacre.

What actually happened? 

According to the police authorities, “The gunmen reportedly stormed the San Miguel Totolapan town hall and killed the mayor, Conrado Mendoza Almeda, at around 2 p.m. on Wednesday.”

Before storming to the town hall, the “armed civilians” entered the house of the former municipal president and father of the mayor, Juan Mendoza Acosta, and murdered him.

According to reports, the attackers blocked a highway in the state of Guerrero near San Miguel Totolapan with large vehicles in order to prevent security forces from reaching inside the city.
Who were the attackers?

The attack has been blamed on the “Los Tequileros” gang, which is linked to a powerful drug cartel, but the motive behind this series of attacks is not yet clear.

Nevertheless, it is also being reported that shortly before the attack, alleged members of the Los Tequileros gang posted a video on social media to announce their return to the city, where they had been fighting with a rival drug gang. 

Guerrero Governor Pays Tribute to the Victims

Sharing her condolences following the attack, Guerrero Governor Evelyn Salgado Pineda tweeted on her official handle. She wrote, “I deeply regret the sensitive death of the mayor of San Miguel Totolapan, Conrado Mendoza Almeda.”

“I condemn the facts and reiterate that there will be no impunity in the face of the cunning aggression against the municipal president and officials of the city council.”

“Our commitment is firm, we will not take a step back to provide security to the population of and to our entire region of Tierra Caliente”, the tweet added.

Just like all of you, we are also horrified by these attacks, which have been the cause of the deaths of 18 innocent people. We send our deepest condolences to all the families who lost their loved ones and also pray to God to give them strength to pass through these times. May the almighty let all the departed souls rest in peace.

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