Mayans MC Season 4 Finale Explains EZ Reyes Role

Mayans MC Season 4 Finale

Tuesday’s Season 4 finale of Mayans MC – which has yet to be renewed for a fifth season – was a sight to behold, with EZ becoming into the same powerful club member that Bishop had been at this stage the previous year… and we’ve seen the effects. I beg you, Mayans, to secure Sally’s safety at any costs.

What happens on the front lines of war: Sons of Anarchy veteran Tig (yeah Tig!) meets with Alvarez in Los Angeles to discuss the next step in the continuing Sons battle.

Tig tells Alvarez during their talk that the start of the battle has nothing to do with Mayans entering the Sons’ territory.

After discovering the barrel on Mayan land, “some lady” (that is, Santo Padre bartender Jess) was led to The Sons in quest of Montez’s renown.

Alvarez maintains he knows nothing about the Montez case. And Tig’s piece of knowledge isn’t mentioned at the end.

This isn’t the case when Alvarez subsequently tells his Santo Padre charter about his encounter with Tig, or when recruit Nestor sees Jess doing something reckless and texting with someone in her shift.

If the Montez catalyst does appear, it won’t be until Season 5 at the earliest.

In any case, Alvarez and his Santo Padre guys assemble at their table after EZ and Sofia were assaulted by a group of Sons on a motorbike trip.

According to Alvarez, the act was unsubstantiated and carried out by an anonymous Sons group that had lost control.

According to Alvarez, he recently spoke with SAMCRO president Chibs about the issue, and it looks that Chibs and the Sons have struck an arrangement on a truce, but not outright surrender, much to EZ’s dismay.

EZ is already annoyed with Alvarez: earlier in the episode, EZ ordered that Alvarez end his business contacts with El Banquero’s daughter Soledad, claiming that failing to do so would be disastrous for the club.

When Alvarez refused, EZ made an appointment with Bishop and proposed that Alvarez be sacked in return for Bishop taking over as president.

Mayans MC Season 4 Finale

So, during Santo Padre’s meetings, EZ can catch Alvarez off guard by using the kill switch rule from the former club’s bylaws, which allows the president to be disqualified if he is voted out by a majority vote.

EZ tells his brothers that they may either retain Alvarez and presumably kneel before members of the Sons of Anarchy, or they can fight for the charter’s future.

Each of the men voted to go to war, and Alvarez was eliminated. As he goes out the door, Alvarez tells the guys, “I founded this club, and I’m glad I won’t be here to see it burn.”

The episode’s most dramatic twist EZ, on the other hand, turns to Bishop, whom he had earlier pledged to reinstate in his capacity as president of Santo Padre.

Everyone in this temple is aware of your status as a leader.

That’s why I’m appointing you as Vice President “He says this to everyone in the room, but especially to Bishop.

EZ then moves to the top of the table, where Alvarez had just done the same thing, and gives a weird, cult-like speech about “our nation” and “a new day rising,” as well as his aspirations to “raise us to grandeur.

The boys are taken aback, especially Angel, but they begin pounding the table in favour of their new president.

Angel speaks with his brother after the other members have departed, and he informs EZ that he has lost his identity as a result of killing Gaby.

EZ, on the other hand, argues that he has aided the group by doing things that most people aren’t prepared to do, including as agreeing to transport heroin in return for Soledad. “Please get away if you are not on this train,” EZ says, “otherwise it will go straight over you.” Angel inquires, “Is it a threat?” EZ, on the other hand, simply squeezes Angel’s shoulders tightly and then exits the room.

Then, at the show’s conclusion, We’ve returned to the place where Soledad keeps her heroin stash.

A hooded figure breaks in and smothers the entire place with gasoline before lighting a match. Even as they watch the building go up in flames, the identity of the arsonist remains unknown.

Key highlights of the show show’s conclusion include:

  • Letty borrows Coco’s old car, an orange Chevy Nova, and uses it to keep Hope out of trouble with addicts she met on her way home from work the night before.
  • Manny is one of the Mayans kidnapped and taken by the Sons, who are subsequently set ablaze to commemorate one of the most heinous killings.

In the spirit of passing away There are a couple more: EZ shoots and murders Jay-wife, Jay’s who then goes to the EZ trailer to seek for him. Meanwhile Sofia pretends to be her lover, but claims that EZ was present throughout the night. Meanwhile, El Banquero has his throat slit… with Adelita’s aid! So, who is now employed by Soledad? I’d want to ask you a few questions.

  • Emily is taken aback when she receives an email from Galindo, who is holding Cristobal (and Emily can piece together the fact that something terrible happened to their sister). Galindo tells Emily that it’s all done and that she should go home. He expresses regret to Emily for not allowing him to go.
  • Finally, and probably most startlingly, Creeper promises to collaborate with the authorities and provide information about the Santo Padre charter’s activities (which Kody had previously informed him earlier in the show was the only option for them to come out of this mess without injury). To Kody’s surprise and dismay, Creeper refuses to offer assistance, instead accepting responsibility for all of his Santo Padre’s crimes and insisting that each murder occurred “without the knowledge or cooperation of my group.” Creeper No!