Market America Founder J.R. Ridinger Dies? What was the cause of his death?

Shocking incident happened yesterday “The Founder, President, and CEO of Market America, J.R. Ridinger, has died suddenly on August 31, 2022. His cause of death was not immediately disclosed, but it was later confirmed that Ridinger passed away tragically after meeting with an unlucky fall from a yacht in Croatia. He was 63 years old at the time of his death.

The news of Ridinger’s death was announced on his company, ‘s official Instagram handle. Their post reads, “ has lost a great visionary, and the world has lost a passionate human being who used to believe more in other people than they believed in themselves.”

His well-wishers and followers have been devastated after learning about the sudden demise of the beloved Miami businessman, JR Ridinger. All social media platforms have been flooded with tributaries to the Market America Founder.

Keep reading this article to learn more about JR Ridinger, the cause of his tragic death, and more! 

JR Ridinger’s Cause of Death 

The cause of Ridinger’s death was disclosed by JR’s wife, Loren Ridinger, through a post on her Facebook page. 

Sharing the news of JR Ridinger’s tragic death, she wrote, “While I am unable to speak, I am in shock.” “You should know I am broken and my heart has been ripped out.” “To clear all the rumours that he fell,” she clarified, ” While on our first vacation in 3 years, JR had a sudden pulmonary embolism that stole him from us. In just a second, he was gone. A moment. I beg of you to pray and meditate on him. “

“I am destroyed. I am broken into pieces. I will never be the same again. I love you, baby, with all of me. Whatever I am is only because of you. We were a force together that could accomplish anything. Now, I will spend every single second of my life keeping your dream alive with the whole Market America family. I love you is not enough.” “You and me forever,” she concluded.

Scottie Pippen Pays Tribute to J.R. Ridinger

On Wednesday, August 31, basketball legend, Scottie Pippen, paid tribute to the departed soul through his Twitter handle. He wrote, “We lost a good one with the passing of my friend.” J.R. was so helpful and supportive when I began my life after basketball. He gave me valuable advice and also taught me how to become an entrepreneur.

“JR touched a lot of lives, and he will be greatly missed.” Sending my love to his wife, Loren Ridinger, their family, and all those at Market America who had the fortune of knowing him personally, Pippen concluded.

The family’s company sent an email to all its staff members stating that they had “lost their great visionary, and the world has lost a human being who was passionate and believed in other people even more than they believed in themselves.”

“No words can satisfactorily express our shock, pain, and tremendous sadness at the untimely passing of Ridinger.” “J.R. would always want us to honour his memory and legacy by committing ourselves to continue doing the work he loved so much,” the note added.

Who is JR Ridinger?

J.R. Ridinger is the founder, president, and CEO of Market America. He was born on March 17, 1959 in Greensboro, North Carolina, and was considered among the most beloved businessmen from Miami. Ridinger’s family included his wife, Loren Ridinger, and his two daughters, Amanda Ridinger and Amber Ridinger-McLaughlin. His three grandchildren are Aydrien, Ayden, and Ayva.

Ridinger was always the family man and revealed the same in an interview. He said, “Any free time I have is spent with my family and our three amazing grandchildren, who always have me wrapped around their fingers. As important as business is to me, nothing is more important than my family.”

The Market America founder and his wife, Loren, were also famous fixtures on the city’s social scene. The Ridinger pair was quite close to celebrities such as Marc Anthony, Kim Kardashian, Scottie Pippin, Jennifer Lopez, and the Beckhams.

More about his company 

JR Ridinger started his company in the early 1990s. At that time, computers and technology were just coming into public focus. Ridinger felt that almost everything was operating in a very outdated fashion, and he decided that the time was right to take advantage of advancing technology. It was then that Ridinger started thinking about re-constructing the way we perceive marketing to substantially cut the costs.

His company, Market America’s website,, connects buyers with people in real-time, which allows them to direct buyers to the products they would want. JR’s passion, leadership, and energy were the sources of an enterprise that enabled people to live a more fulfilled life.

Ridinger was a man of charisma & full of energy. we send our deepest condolences to JR’s wife, his children, friends, and all his well-wishers. May God let the departed soul of JR Ridinger rest in heaven’s glory.

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  1. Those who understood his passion and vision will always support and carry on his mission. Sadly, too many people haven’t taken the time or effort to understand where he was coming from. People like Zachary Flowers just don’t see JR’s genius and they are the poorer for their lack of imagination. JR’s followers believe in his vision and are willing to put in the blood, sweat and tears that ANY business person from ANY field of service is willing to invest to become successful. Market America is extraordinary because we are more than a community of ordinary, like minded people. We are a family and we stick up for each other. Not many companies can say that.

  2. Dear Loren and Family:

    I was deeply shocked and saddened to hear about your husband. He demonstrated that his family was first and the business second.

    The Bible promises this hope in Revelation 3rd Chapter vs. 3&4 that God’s purpose was not for mankind to die. His original purpose was for mankind to live forever, and for this reason, soon, sickness and death will be done away forever! That is his promise; and according to the Bible book of Titus 1:2 ” God cannot lie.”

    This is what he holds out for all of us and this is to “Enjoy Life Forever!”

    If you ever want to reach out after your grieving period; please feel free to do so.

    I remember meeting you in the arena in Greensboro, and I spoke to you about a product with less or no sugar. It took awhile; but, products with stevia were introduced to us. I will never forget how you and your husband always listened and worked on products that truly helped those in your organization as well as others.

    We thank you once again for sharing your husband and both of your dream with us.

    Please feel free to visit one of the largest websites in the world, where your Bible questions will be answered.

    Sincerely, and we live you:

    Michele Edwards

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