Margaret Josephs’ Ex-Husband Jan Joseph’s Dies At 74: Details Explained

In an emotional Instagram post, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Margaret Josephs has announced the death of her ex-husband Jan Josephs. The beloved father of Englewood, New Jersey, died at the age of 74.

Funeral services for Jan Josephs were held last week. His passing was mourned by Margaret on September 5, 2022, Monday. Here is what we know more…

How did Jan Josephs die? Margaret Josephs’s tribute to her Ex-husband:

It was on Aug. 26 that Jan Josephs died from a sudden heart attack according to People.

Ex-wife Margaret Josephs wrote on her Instagram post on Sep 5, “Today would have been Jan’s 75th birthday, he passed away unexpectedly last week and a piece of us died with him.”

She continued saying that they had spoken just before the night he passed away “We are heartbroken.” The night before Jan died they have spoken and shared a beautiful conversation about how blessed they are, their children are all successful and happy and they could only brag to each other.

Margaret also said that despite their divorce, they use to speak every day. Jan was her family, he was an amazing father, grandfather, friend, and partner. Most of all he loved his family and he loved everyone unconditionally.

Margaret Marriage With Jan Josephs:

Margaret Josephs The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star married Jan Josephs in 1994. They split in 2013 after she had an affair with Joe Benigno who is her now-husband. They have a 26-year-old son from their marriage, and from his previous marriage, Josephs also had three children.

Margaret mentioned in an episode of RHONJ about her step kids “They needed someone to love them and I was completely obsessed with them,” her three stepkids, are now 42, 44, and 46.

In 2013, Margaret separated from Jan for Joe Benigno, one of the stars of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Shortly after, Margaret and Joe wed.

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Previously, Margaret had talked about her decision to leave Jan for Joe she mentioned, that it was due to added tension between her and her stepchildren, and it had been years since having talked to some of them.

In 2018 on Entertainment tonight, Margaret said about her step children, “I know they don’t hate me,” “They’re holding a grudge. And it doesn’t make it any easier. But I know in my heart we’ll find a way back to one another. I’d die over them.”

“It’s an ache no one can fill. It’s heart-wrenching, they were my whole life. We had every Sunday dinner, bar mitzvahs. Not knowing what they’re up to, it’s so weird. I pray every day and I write to them constantly. It’s not like they don’t acknowledge me.”

She even mentioned that she tried her marriage with Jan to work but it just did not work.

It seems Margaret and Jan have stayed as best friends even after they part their ways. In 2018 in a tweet Josephs mentioned Jan as her best friend and shared that she missed their Saturday morning ritual of bagels and coffee by the window, but she was nostalgic about it.

It is obvious that the couple has shared a good time being together and has been a great support to each other even after being apart. The couple set an inspiration spending their lives happily, they have shared lovely memories and raised up their kids together with lots of positivity which is notable with their career success.

Our thoughts are with the Josephs family during this difficult time. May Jan’s soul rest in peace.