Macomb Mall Shooting: Roseville Police On Search For Suspects Who Fled on Foot

A shooting incident took outside the Macomb Mall in Roseville as the police were called to report the shooter inside the building. Here’s what happened at the Macomb Mall in Roseville that left the people scared and worried on weekend.

The police revealed that the shooting occurred consequently due to an altercation between two groups of people. Fortunately, there weren’t any injuries. However, the unidentified suspect is on the run after fleeing the area.

Macomb Mall Shooting: What happened?

A horrifying shooting took place outside Macomb Mall in Roseville on Sunday, October 16, 2022. The police were called to the mall in the 32000 block of Gratiot Avenue on reports of shots fired around 1 PM.

Reportedly, an unidentified male pulled out a firearm and fired several times outside in the parking lot, outside the Dick’s Sporting Goods Store. This happened after an alleged altercation between the two groups of people.

Police Chief Ryan Monroe stated that the place was held in a temporary lockdown which was lifted around 4:30 PM. No arrests were made and the suspect likely fled away.

Police Were Called to Report an Active Shooter

The police received multiple reports about an active shooter inside Macomb Mall on Sunday afternoon. Upon reaching there, they immediately evacuated the mall and started searching for the suspect.

Officers secured the mall with help from other agencies but the gunman reportedly fled the area. The investigation is currently going on. Roseville Mayor Robert Taylor stated that the police are reviewing security cam footage and it’ll take some time to catch the suspect.

Who is the Suspect in Macomb Mall, Roseville Shooting?

The identity of the suspect in the Macomb Mall, Roseville shooting is unknown at the time of writing. The police have confirmed that the suspect was a male carrying a firearm and he shot several times outside the mall.

Mayor Taylor has stated that the police will soon find out the suspect and take him into custody after reviewing the video of the incident. The suspect was wearing black pants and black shoes, with a shirt having a colorful D design on the back.

There seems to be another male suspect whose whereabouts and appearance are unknown at this moment. Police are trying to find more information about him.

Officers from St. Clair Shores, Fraser, Eastpointe, and Clinton Township are assisting Roseville police to look for the suspect. Anyone with relevant information is urged to call Roseville police at 586-775-2100.

What was the cause of the Macomb Mall Shooting?

The shooting at Macomb Mall in Roseville occurred as a result of an altercation between two groups of people. The witnesses of the shooting stated that a verbal altercation was going on which escalated as the two groups left the mall.

A man carrying a firearm then fired multiple shots in the parking lot. All the people involved escaped the area before the police arrived.

Woman whose car was hit by bullets describes shooting at Macomb Mall

Woman whose car was hit by bullets describes shooting at Macomb Mall

The stores in the affected area remained closed for the rest of the day due to security purposes and the ongoing investigation. Things will be back to normal cometh Monday.

We’ll keep you updated with further developments on this story.