How to Link LIC India Policy to Pan Card (LINK) Registration

India’s website is Check the status of your PAN card’s link to the LIC Policy Register here. India’s largest government-owned insurance firm is the Life Insurance Corporation of India. In the near future, the government will make its IPO allocation available to the general people through the LIC programme. If you’re thinking about investing in the LIC IPO, you’ll need to link your “PAN” card to a life insurance policy ( LIC). Although the date for the LIC IPO allotment has not been declared, it is scheduled to be released in February 2022. According to reports, the Life Insurance Company has asked LIC customers to link the PAN to LIC in order to maximise their advantages.

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Policyholders must additionally open a Demat account. There is no need to establish another Demat account if someone already has one. Furthermore, it is not necessary for a Demat account holder to be able to construct it utilising the Depositary Participant ( the DP). On this page, the reader will get information on “how to check the state of the lic India Pan card status,” “how to connect PAN with LIC insurance and lic pan registration,” and other topics.

.According to a recent announcement, the LIC IPO allotment would take place in February or March 2022. As a result, LIC will issue shares in an initial public offering (IPO) in the coming days. If a policyholder want to participate in equity shares, they must disclose their PAN card information before February 2022. On their official website, the Life Insurance Company has previously publicised the entire procedure for “linking PAN to LIC.” Only individuals who have completed the Linking Process will be eligible for the next public issue shares.

According to LIC, anyone interested in the public offering must first confirm that they have their PAN number and open a Demat account. According to the government statement, about 10% of the shares would be given to LIC policyholders. As a result, policyholders must alter their PAN in order to participate in the IPO. You can scroll down to the bottom if you’re searching for information about the LIC pan registration procedure.

Advantage of linking Pan together with Life Insurance Policy to Avail IPO

If a person wants to purchase shares in LIC, they must first link PAN card to LIC in order to be eligible for the impending IPO allocation. The advantages of linking Pan to a life insurance policy are listed below.

* There are no additional fees for policyholders to create a Demat account.

* Anyone who is now a LIC policyholder is expected to profit in the near future by investing in IPO shares.

* The Finance Ministry has made 10% shares accessible to current LIC members.

• Take immediate action by investing your assets in LIC allotment, which will provide you with larger returns in the following years.

* LIC IPO allotments are extremely profitable, yielding a big profit over a lengthy period of time. In order to participate in a LIC IPO, the policyholder must be registered with LIC.

Step1. To begin, go to the official Login site at The Direct LIC India Link- Click Here.

Step 2: Navigate to the newly created web page.

Step 3: Enter your Police Identification Number in the field given, and Step 4: Enter your birth date.

Step 5: Enter your PAN number, followed by your Captcha code.

Step 6: Finally, press the Submit button.

Step 7: Your LIC PAN Linking Status should appear in the display after a few minutes or seconds.

How to Connect Your PAN Card to Your LIC Policy 2022

Step 1: Sign in using the LIC of India Link – Click Here.

Step 2: Navigate to the new website page and look for Link PAN With Your Policy.

Step 3: Fill out the Application form with the required information

4. Date of Birth (As Per PAN) Gender, Date of Birth, Email ID PAN Complete Name (As Per PAN) Mobile Number, Policy Number, and Captcha Code.

Step 5: After that, select the Get OTP option. A one-time password (OTP) will be issued to your mobile phone.

Step 6: Enter the OTP.

Step 7: Show the message The request for a link to the PAN LIC Policy has been accepted.


When will the LIC IPO be available?

The LIC IPO will begin on March 11, 2022.

How to Connect a LIC Policy to a PAN Card

Interested applicants can connect their LIC policy to their PAN card by visiting the website