Tommy Knickerbocker Daughter Lindsey Knickerbocker is Missing: A Desperate Search for a Missing Woman

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Tammy Knickerbocker’s daughter, Lindsey Knickerbocker, has been missing since January 9. Her sister Megan has posted multiple photos of her on Facebook in the hopes that somebody might have seen her. No one has heard from Lindsey since then and she completely disappeared without a trace. It is an urgent call to action to help find Lindsey and reunite her with her family. Keep reading more.

Where is Lindsey knickerbocker ?

Lindsey was last seen in Costa Mesa, California on January 9. She is 34 years old, 5’5 and 110 lbs., with brown eyes and blonde hair. Megan wrote in the caption of one of the photos that Lindsey had “feared for her life” just before she vanished.

The local police department is doing all they can to find Lindsey but more help is needed from the public to spread awareness of her disappearance and share any clues or information they may have. Megan has requested that people share pictures of Lindsey on their own social media platforms so that more people will be aware of this desperate search for a missing woman.

It’s not just social media posts that are helping; there are also search parties being organized around Costa Mesa with volunteers passing out flyers with details about Lindsey’s disappearance as well as passing out flyers with details about what happened to Lydia Tillman whose body was found by police on February 3rd after she went missing in October 2020. Volunteers are also helping by checking areas where homeless people usually congregate in order to see if anyone has spotted Lindsey or knows any information about her whereabouts.

This is an urgent call for anyone who can help locate Lindsey Knickerbocker or provide any information about her disappearance. Please continue to share pictures and details about Lindsay online and join local search parties if you can do so safely during these trying times. We must keep up our efforts until we can reunite Lindsay with her family—and bring some peace back into their lives again soon!