Lewdle Answer 13 MAY 2022, Tips & Tricks

Lewdle Answer 6 April 2022

Lewdle Answer 13 MAY 2022

Everybody wants to be the first to solve the Lewdle puzzle word of the day. We’re one step closer to weekend, with we approach the weekend however, there is a person who is successfully solved the puzzle and has declared the word of the day. 

The Lewdle developers have mixed elements with new six-letter letters, he has provided answers to the latest five puzzles, but the game has become a bit more complicated. 

Unfortunately, on Saturday, Lewdle Puzzle is made up of six letters. It might leave you scratching your head. This is a difficult puzzle to solve. 

If you have already solved this puzzle than you might be interested in tips to solve next puzzle & for the still confused players we brought you today’s lewdle answer

Lewdle Answer 13 MAY 2022 is: MOMMY

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Lewdle Tricks

The tips below will help you to be better at Lewdle.

  • Start with a good word. Having a few key words will help you to start your puzzle. These words are often made up of many vowels, and they will not repeat letters. Adieu, audio and atone are some of the most common choices.
  • Watch out for duplicate letters – It’s easy not to notice that you may have repeated letters in your puzzle. Example: The word “snoop”, has a double-letter “o” in its name. Lewdle will not make this clear. You don’t have to see the letter green in a specific spot to know that it would work in another.
  • Search for words. Sometimes it’s hard to think of the right words. If you’re stuck, you can search for X letter words that start with or finish in specific letters based upon what you have solved with your puzzle. This can help you think of new ideas, and it will also help you improve your puzzles.