Legacies Season 4 Series Finale Explained

Legacies Season 4 Series Finale Explained

Legacies Season 4 Series Finale Episode 20 was the end of suspense & thrill. We knew that it would be a shocking and heart-breaking hour for series fan’s. It is likely that characters will be reflecting on their past and assessing the future.

There were many questions at the beginning of tonight’s episode about the future of Salvatore School. Hope Mikaelson also wanted to know what she really needed. She wanted to talk to her father and was determined to find a way.

Although we did not see Klaus’s return, it was captured in a small part. We thought it was touching and needed. She received the closure she was looking for.

Legacies Season 4 Series Finale Explained

Alaric felt it was best to close the Salvatore School. He believed that the school was failing its original mission.

This was supposed to be a safe place for students with supernatural abilities to practice their skills. It became a place for chaos and near-constant chaos. Here’s the good news: We actually saw what we were looking for…or who. Caroline came back! Candice King returned to the school after being absent for so long. She was appointed headmistress. This seems to be the plan.

Did there ever be closure?

We would say, “Yes.” Although we think there are more stories out there, we have what we have. It is still possible to visit the Salvatore School, but it’s a shame that Caroline has taken over.

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