Leaked Picture of BLACKPINK Jennie in Bathtub Publicly Posted

Jennie of BLACKPINK has been in the news lately for her private life. After pictures of her in a bathtub were leaked by a hacker, Jennie made the decision to unfollow and block all of her followers on Instagram. This was an attempt to protect her reputation and privacy.

It is unclear why the hacker decided to leak these pictures, but it is possible that they had a personal vendetta against Jennie and her fans. Jennie has since unfollowed all of her followers on Instagram and blocked the hacker who leaked the photos.

This incident has caused a lot of discussion among BLACKPINK fans and BTS fans alike. Some are speculating that the hacker may be a mutual friend of Jennie and V of BTS. However, this has yet to be confirmed.

Meantime Fan’s Reaction


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