Lavone Roberson Obituary: Former Norwalk Elementary School Teacher Dies at 41

Former Norwalk Elementary School teacher, Lavone Roberson, passed away earlier this week. She was 41 years old. Read on to know how did Lavone Roberson die, what happened to her, her cause of death, and her obituary here.

Lavone is remembered as a highly passionate teacher whose spark never dimmed. Tributes have emerged from family members, friends, and the people close to her.

Who was Lavone Roberson?

Lavone Roberson, 41, was a former teacher at Naramake Elementary School and administrator at the Horizons at New Canaan Country School program. Born in 1981, she was a native of Norwalk, Connecticut.

She joined Horizons at NCCS in August 2019 and has been a venerated staff member since then. She was responsible for developing and implementing academic components of the school’s summer and school-year programs. Roberson also oversaw hiring and managing the summer and school year faculty and staff.

Lavone was also an avid Instagram user. She had the username @livinglavone and 1,109 followers on the platform. Roberson frequently shared updates about her personal life on Instagram.

Lavone Roberson Obituary: How did she Die?

Lavone Roberson died on Monday, October 10, 2022, at the age of 41. She was a beloved administrator at Horizons at NCCS. Her mother, Jacqueline Roberson, who’s a social worker at Norwalk High School, announced the tragic news of her daughter’s death.

“She was just an amazing person who definitely cared about her community,” Jacqueline said.

She went on to describe Lavone as a person who by her middle name as “civic-minded.” Roberson volunteered time working for people who were homeless and worked at the George Washington Carver Community Center.

What was the cause of Lavone Roberson’s death?

Lavone Roberson died after a long battle with ovarian cancer as revealed by her mother Jacqueline. She was first diagnosed with the disease in 2015 and her treatment started.

After a period of time, Roberson was healed and went into remission. However, the disease returned in 2018 and the highly respected lady lost her battle for life this time.

Ovarian cancer is a type of cancer that commences in the female organs that produce eggs (ovaries) and often goes undetected. Till the time it gets detected, it already spreads to a larger area including the pelvis and stomach. Hence, it is often fatal and difficult to treat.

Lavone Roberson Funeral Arrangements and Survivor

The details about Lavone Roberson’s funeral arrangements are unknown at the time of writing. Her mother didn’t share details about Lavone’s last rites. Tributes have emerged for the lady on social media platforms from friends and the people close to her.

Lavone Roberson is survived by her mother Jacqueline Roberson and other family members. The identity of other members is kept private at this time.

Our deepest condolences go out to Lavone’s loved ones. May God help them heal quickly and let Lavone’s soul rest in peace.

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