What Happened To LaJoya McCoy? Cause Of Death Know Everything About Her

On October 9th, 2015, 31-year-old mother of two LaJoya McCoy posted on Facebook about her excitement over a new man. LaJoya was ambitious and was fiercely pursing her dreams before she was struck down in the prime of life. What happened to her? Let’s take a look.

What happened to Lajoya Mccoy? What was the cause of her death?

According to reports from the police investigation, LaJoya’s death is believed to be at the hands of her ex-boyfriend Jose Turner. After their breakup, LaJoya started really living life. She was passionate about dance and pursued it with vigor. She got a job promotion and had plans to move closer to her family in Texas soon. Jose Turner says that he last saw her the previous weekend when he picked up their kids from her place. When LaJoya still could not be found by friends or family, police finally entered her apartment where they found bloodstains and blood spatter in the bedroom.

Her car was found in a nearby neighborhood with a parking ticket that showed Jose had been there too. He was arrested for first degree murder after evidence showed that he had choked LaJoya to death with his bare hands while inside the apartment. In 2017 Jose Turner was found guilty and sentenced to 26 years to life in prison for this heinous crime against an innocent woman who had so much potential ahead of her.

LaJoya Disappearance

When LaJoya went missing without a trace, friends and family were frantic with worry about what could have happened to such an amazing person who cared so deeply for others around her. Through tireless searching by those closest to her, they were able to bring attention from local media outlets who ran stories which helped spread awareness about LaJoya’s disappearance far away from their hometown of Riverside, California all the way across the United States and even internationally across Europe as well as South America where she has several relatives living abroad at the time of this tragedy .

This made it possible for people everywhere come together and help search for answers until justice prevailed more than two years later when Jose Turner was held accountable for his crime against LaJoya McCoy that fateful day in October 2015 when she simply went out on the town one last time never knowing it would be the last Saturday night she ever spent alive among us here on Earth instead behind bars where she will forever remain remembered but gone much too soon far too young never quite able fulfill all that promise that we all saw within her so many years ago before it all ended so tragically yet still remains an enduring inspiration today long after her passing as we continue our lives without her here today though we will never forget what happened that day nor should any one ever since this story serves as reminder that life is precious fragile thing something should always cherish until you no longer can anymore .

LaJoya McCoy Obituary

The tragic story of LaJoya McCoy is one filled with sorrow and regret but also hope because even though she is gone physically now ,her memory lives on through those around us including many strangers whom never even knew here yet still were touched by story enough give their time effort toward finding justice bringing closure case all involved . No matter how bad something gets always remember there light future if only open eyes look hard enough . Even when it feels like world coming down around us ,there chance make difference make things better pick up pieces move forward seek peace comfort strength within ourselves each other face struggles hardships endure them long enough find path leading back home end journey can truly begin again anew . Rest peace my sweet angel fly high until meet again someday soon! May we all learn from this tragic tale and cherish every moment we have with our loved ones while they are still here with us today!