KRK Twitter Sensational Comment

KRK Twitter Sensational Comment

KRK Twitter Sensational Comment

A prominent Bollywood actor producer and critic Kamal R. Khan (KRK) is once again light up the headlines with his controversial remarks. His comment

Deshdrohi 2′ will going to Bigger Than ‘Baahubali

This will be assumed that RRR and KGF-2 that are making incredible records in the Hindi belt will be remembered due to the controversial remarks made by KRK on the subject of disasters. 

He is trying to make himself known self-proclaimed blockbuster actor. He announced earlier that he’d be making another film based on the film Deshdrohi. 

What’s the deal? KRK is preparing to release Deshdrohi-2 & more project which he claimed can go beyond Baahubali possibly the biggest blockbuster ever made in Indian cinema. He tweeted that the film would be out in the coming days.

“Whether you take a photo as self-creation. KKR will show Bollywood how to create an impactful blockbuster film. Filming for this film is set to begin soon, “KRK tweeted. KRK will be playing the role of lead in Deshdrohi-2 movie and will also be acting as producer for the film. 

Jagdish A Sharma is going to direct the film. The movie will be released in the sequel to Deshdrohi Movie which was which was released in 2008. 

The leading stars Manoj Tiwari, Hrishita Bhatt, Gracie Singh and Zulfi Syed were also involved in Deshdrohi-2. 

The story of the film revolves around the issues facing immigrants in Mumbai. It is interesting to note that trollings have been running on social media about KRK’s performance in the movie.