Meet Kristy OBrien Wife of Michael Gunner Who Has Resigned From Politics

Kristy OBrien Wife of Michael Gunner wife of Michael Gunner whom he paid tribute to during his resignation announcement.

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Kristy O’ Brien hails from Queensland and works as a journalist and reporter for the ABC News Network. She married Michael Gunner in December 2017, and the loving couple has recently welcomed their second child.

After Gunner’s resignation announcement after delivering the budget for this fiscal year, people are eager to know about his wife and family as he mentioned that “his head and heart are no longer in the job” and he wants to “spend more time with his family, wife, and children.”

Who is Kristy O’ Brien? Wife of Michael Gunner

Kristy O’Brien is the wife of now-former NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner. She hails from Queensland’s Darling downs and works with ABC News as a reporter and journalist. She started her television career at only 16 years of age and fell in love with Northern Australia to move there.

She has spent almost a decade working in television, primarily for ABC. Her specialties include agriculture and rural issues of the country as she was a farm girl in her childhood. Kristy flies regularly for the ABC’s hallmark program Landline.

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Kristy O’Brien and Michael Gunner married on December 3, 2017. The couple currently lives in the Northern Territory along with their two kids.

Michael Gunner and Kristy O’ Brien’s Children

Michael Gunner and Kristy O’Brien have two kids. The couple welcomed their first son in 2020 and named him Hudson Michael Huckleberry Gunner, and the couple recently welcomed their second child Nash Michael Huckleberry Gunner in April 2022.

The birth of Gunner’s second son is one of the primary reasons why the Australian politician is taking time off from his professional career. He mentioned during his resignation announcement that “his head and heart are no longer in the job since the birth of his second child.”

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Luckily, the Gunner family will now have more time to spend together since Michale Gunner is no longer the Northern Territory Chief Minister.

NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner Announced his Resignation

NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner announced his resignation from politics on May 10, 2022, to spend more time with his family. He is a renowned Australian politician and was the 11th and current Chief Minister of the Northern Territory.

Michale Gunner is a Labor member of the NT Legislative Assembly, having held his seat of Fannie Bay in Darwin since the retirement of the former CM Clare Martin in 2008. Addressing the parliament on Tuesday, Mr. Gunner, while in tears, paid tribute to his family in an emotional farewell speech.

He said, “Serving the territory has been one of the honors of my life – bested by only two things – meeting and marrying Kristy O’Brien, and being a father.” “The birth of our second child a few weeks ago confirmed something for me. My head and my heart are no longer on the job. They are at home,” he further said in a cracking voice.

Nicole Mansion, the Deputy Chief Minister of the NT, will serve as an acting Chief Minister for the time being. The party will soon announce a new parliamentary Labor leader in the coming days. Ms Manison is strongly favored for the position.

Why did Michael Gunner Resign as the Chief Minister?

Michael Gunner has resigned as the NT Chief Minister to spend more time with his family, wife, and kids. He revealed during the resignation announcement speech that he is no longer attached to the job, and always kept thinking about home.

Thus, he feels this is the right time to bid adieu and leave for home to spend quality time to the people he loves the most. He delivered an emotional speech after delivering the Budget for the current fiscal year.

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Later, he also shared a Facebook post thanking the Territorians for all the support over the course of years. “There is never a perfect time to step back, walk away, and give others a go. But for me and my family, this feels like the right time,” he wrote in the post.

Michael Gunner’s Salary and Net Worth

Michael Gunner is a very successful Australian politician. He was elected leader of Labor in the NT. Thus, he became the Leader of Opposition in April 2015. Gunner led Labor to a massive victory in the 2016 NT election. He then led Labor to another victory in the 2020 election.

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He is a fourth-generation Territorian, born and growing up in Alice Springs, NT. The primary source of his income is his Government salary. According to our estimate, Michael Gunner’s net worth is around $4 million.

However, it could be more considering his investments and properties in both Australia and abroad. Michael Gunner’s wife, Kristy O’Brien also has a very successful television career. The duo will spend quality time at home with their kids moving forward.