Kingdom Hearts 4 Officially Announced with a Trailer; Teases Star Wars World

After years of wait and hopelessness, Kingdom Hearts 4 has officially been confirmed to be in development by the developer, Square Enix, via its special Livestream celebrating the 20th anniversary of the series. Find out everything about the next Kingdom Hearts installment here.

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Fans have always enjoyed playing Kingdom Hearts games, especially with the iconic Disney and Pixar crossovers. However, this time, the trailer for the upcoming game is teasing a crossover with Disney-owned Star Wars, as the ardent fans believe.

Kingdom Hearts 4 will feature a grown-up version of Sora who’ll be exploring a new city this time, and the icons Donald and Goofy will also make their return. We’ll also witness a new and returning character from previous installments this time.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Confirmed via Announcement Trailer

Square Enix has officially announced Kingdom Hearts 4 with an announcement trailer during the 20th-anniversary celebration Livestream. You can watch the trailer below with the timestamp from 4:06 to 7:40:

The trailer showcases the return of Sora, having an updated and more grown-up look, who has awakened in a Japanese city called Quadraturm, which appears to be very similar to Tokyo. We see a dark monster causing chaos and Sora jumps into action to fend it off.

The trailer then confirms the next mainline entry in the Kingdom Hearts series, before cutting to Goofy and Donald searching for something in a dark cave. However, they are stopped as a mysterious voice calls them from behind and ignites a flame.

This Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer didn’t show any gameplay but still presented some stunning graphics. We also got to witness the return of this iconic trio of Sora, Goofy, and Donald, alongside Sterlitizia, who is the new character for the series.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Will be Set in the Quadratum

Kingdom Hearts 4 will kick off an all-new exciting storyline called the “Lost Master Arc” which is set in the Quadratum. The developer seems to have created this world more realistic than ever while also retaining the mystical elements that are staples of the series. Sora will be back in action once again alongside his friends.

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The trailer seems to present Sora in a different world, which could be an afterworld considering Sterilitizia is present as she died in Kingdom Hearts Union Cross. On the other side, Goofy and Donald are possibly searching for Sora.

It’ll be interesting to note where their paths cross and we finally get the much-awaited reunion before the group goes on to battle the evil monsters.

Trailer Teases Star Wars x Kingdom Hearts 4 Crossover

As the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer launched, the Internet got buzzing with theories claiming that we are finally going to witness the Star Wars world in the popular Disney-themed series. The fans have linked the forest we see in Sora’s dream in the trailer to the forest moon of Endor from Star Wars: Episode VI- Return of the Jedi.

Fans have also claimed to spot the foot of an AT-ST walker in the trailer, however, it is pretty hard to notice among the rocks and stream cutting through the forest floor.

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These hints may indeed point towards the long-awaited crossover between Kingdom Hearts and Star Wars. Disney owns them both, so it is highly likely to happen. We will share more details about it soon.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Release Date and Platforms

Square Enix hasn’t shared a confirmed release date for Kingdom Hearts 4 yet. However, fans speculate that the development may take some time as in the previous installments in the series. The last title, Kingdom Hearts 3 took six years to develop, and then launched in 2019.

Although some experts believe that Kingdom Hearts 4 may launch as soon as 2023. We should wait for an official announcement for that as it is hard to digest.

The developer also didn’t tell us for what platforms Kingdom Hearts 4 will be available. The last one is available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. So, it is possible that the upcoming game will be running on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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It’ll be interesting to see if Square Enix will launch the game for both the current and last-gen consoles, or only for the latest generation of consoles.

Another Kingdom Hearts Title: Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Announced

The 20th Anniversary Livestream also unveiled another title from the series called Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link. It’ll be a mobile spin-off game available for Android and iOS devices. This game will be set in the realm of Scala and Caelum. You will witness 3D action which seems iconic to the Disney-themed series.

A closed beta test for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link will take place later in 2022 in a limited number of regions. The developer didn’t tell us where will it be available though and didn’t share a planned release window either.

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It is also revealed that the final chapter of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road will arrive in August 2022. It will be a free update to the Kingdom Hearts Union x Dark Road app.

Are you looking forward to playing Kingdom Hearts 4? We’re definitely going to give it a shot once it is available.