How Did Kim Medlin Die? Who is Murderer of Kim Medlin, Explained

In 1997, Kim Medlin was a 26-year-old woman with her whole life ahead of her. She had grown up with a passion for horses and wanted to open a horse farm one day. On the night of April 12th, Kim drove home from work late at night and suddenly vanished. The next day, she was found dead in what seemed like a vicious attack. Investigation Discovery’s ‘People Magazine Presents: Crimes of the 90s: 1997, A Deadly Drive’ takes us through how authorities zeroed in on Kim’s killer and what evidence led to his arrest. Keep reading more

Who was Kim Medlin?

Kimberly Jo Millen was born in December 1970 in Michigan. She moved to Monroe, North Carolina at some point and lived with her husband Bridger Medlin on their farm there. At the time of her death, Kim worked two jobs—one being a cocktail waitress at a men’s club—in order to make ends meet for them both. She also continued to nurture her love for horses and looked forward to owning her own horse farm someday soon.

How did Kim Medlin die? Who killed Kim Medlin?

On April 12th 1997, Kim drove home from work late at night when she suddenly vanished without warning. Her car was later found abandoned along an isolated stretch of highway outside Charlotte. The following day, police discovered that she had been murdered in what seemed like a vicious attack.

The authorities quickly sprang into action but struggled to find any real leads or clues as to who could have committed this heinous crime against Kim Medlin. However, after months of investigation and dedicated detective work, the police finally zeroed in on Josh Griffin as their prime suspect—a man who had been seen talking to Kim shortly before she disappeared that fateful night.

Investigating further revealed that Griffin had prior convictions for sexual assault and burglary; he also had connections to numerous similar unsolved crimes across multiple states in the US Midwest region during the 1990s; all facts which made him stand out even more as their prime suspect in this case too! Based on these findings coupled with several other pieces of evidence they gathered against him over time—including DNA evidence linking Griffin directly to the crime scene—the police were able to arrest him and bring him before justice where he was given life imprisonment without parole for his horrendous crime against Kim Medlin. While it brings small comfort knowing that justice has been served for this horrific crime, nothing can fill the void left by Kimberly Jo Millen’s untimely departure from this world so many years ago…

Who is Josh Griffin?

Josh Griffin is a former Monroe police officer who was in the news recently as it was revealed that he had been using his authority and badge to pursue women. He had created an environment of fear, intimidation and power over his victims for his own personal gain.

His actions clearly show a lack of respect for people’s autonomy and agency, and are completely unacceptable in today’s society.

Kim Medlin Obituary

Kim Medlin’s dreams were cut short when her life was tragically taken at the young age of 26. Kim had been born in Michigan in December 1970 and was known to love horses, having grown up riding them and dreaming of one day having her own stable. Alas, Kim never got to realize this dream as she was found murdered the next day after her 26th birthday in what witnesses described as a vicious attack. Kim’s untimely passing has left her family in sorrow and she will be sorely missed by all who knew her. Kim Medlin’s obituary serves as a reminder of how fragile life can be, to those who knew her best Kim’s memory will live on forever.

The story of Kimberly Jo Millen shows us just how important it is for law enforcement agencies around the world not only to remain vigilant when investigating cases such as these but also never give up until justice is served regardless of how long it takes! If you want an inside look into true crime investigations then tune into Investigation Discovery’s new series – People Magazine Presents – ‘Crimes Of The 90s – 1997 A Deadly Drive’