Kim Garam Bullying Video Goes Viral on YouTube, Reddit, and Twitter: Kim Garam, one of the most adorable girls on social media, has been involved in a controversy about her past as a bully at school. Unnecessarily, she creates problems for others. During her school years, she was a burden on others. If her friend or her juniors didn’t greet her well, she bullied them. She smokes and drinks a lot. She sometimes also smokes marijuana and uses drugs.

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Kim Garam Bullying

Her bad behavior was not noticed by her parents. She would sometimes hit any junior student in the classroom if she didn’t get treated well. These are all signs of how awful she was at school. We don’t know what her classmates did to handle her torture or how they managed their anger. Her face looks cool and quiet. She also has a caring personality that doesn’t harm other people. We can see how awful she was when we examine her actions. She was not kind to her juniors, had a bad attitude, and didn’t respect elders.

Kim Garam Bullying Scandal Video

HBE recently released a teaser video of the idol, in which they expose the names of those who are involved with her. They have shown everyone the names in a screenshot. Her name was included among them. Her career and that of her partner would be spoilt if her name was shown.

On April 6, this news was announced. Netizens are eager to see the screenshot and want to know their names. It would be difficult for her social media presence to grow if her name was mentioned. She had to move in with her parents to find work after the idol left social media.

Kim Garam Bullying Scandal Video Explained

She was trying to ensure that names weren’t revealed online, and she succeeded. She said that she did not do anything wrong to my juniors. They are treated well by me. She takes them to McDonald’s, Disney World, and amusement parks to have fun. The rumors are completely false. I have never done anything wrong with my classmates or best friends. Let’s see how it goes with her.