Killing Eve Series Finale Leaves Fans Heartbroken and Frustrated [Spoilers Ahead]

Shows like Killing Eve Series Finale do not release every other day. These anti-hero dramas are always one of a kind. And, as we near its ending, we know one thing, the show is going to end and will have a heartbreaking closure. The same has happened with the series finale of Killing Eve.

Killing Eve Series Finale

Note: This post contains spoilers for the Killing Eve season series finale, and you shouldn’t continue reading if you haven’t watched the painful ending yet.

With how the things rolled out in the current season, we already expected someone was going to die at the end of Killing Eve. There were clear signs with the “Til Death Do Us Part talk,” the Death tarot card, and the psychiatrist advising Eve to enjoy the little things in life.

However, things didn’t go the simple route, and neither did they leave fans wanting more of what had happened. Instead, it featured one of the most bizarre endings having multiple flaws which made us reminisce about the Game of Thrones series finale. Eve and Villanelle definitely deserved better.

The finale consisted of two episodes, Episode 7 titled “Making Dead Things Look Nice” and “Hello, Losers.” The first episode kept warning us that we shall be ready for the fate of the twisted characters we’ve become so fond of that the title of the last episode now seems like an absolute taunt by the creators.

Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 7: Making Dead Things Look Nice

As twisted as the title sounds for this episode, the incidents outweighed it as the scenes begin on Feasgar Island where Villanelle is now Gunn (the Twelve’s assassin played by Marie-Sophie Ferdane)’s houseguest. However, she isn’t staying in the house but in the barn with the goats due to Gunn having boundaries.

She is violently protective of her island and will kill anyone who threatens her solitude. An unfortunate fisherman discovers this early in the episode. She only wants to live in peace with her animal friends while committing murders to pay her bills.

However, Gunn also has needs that animals can’t fulfill and with Villanelle’s presence on the island, you can’t rule out the chance of a sensual hookup.

Killing Eve Series Finale

In another scene, Eve is back in London with an ennui due to the murders she had committed as they keep flashing back all the way to her old life as a once happily married karaoke-singing desk jockey at MI5. She has got everything she wanted now but still feels emptiness, and Yusuf tells her that he can’t help her anymore. Her psychiatrist Martin (who is a psychopath himself) tells her to find joy in the little things and to surround herself with the people who love her, understand her, and connect with her soul.

But, is it enough to make her understand that what she has become is hard to live with, and is a monster. We know it’s difficult but then there are some people like Carolyn who make peace with the demons pretty easily while shrugging off Vlad’s indictment of her bad acts (“You’ve left a wake of betrayal behind you”).

Then there is Pam, who gives us the most heartbreaking moment of the episode, and the title with her act. She’s still in Margate with Konstantin, who has recently received a piece of bad news which is her daughter calling him to tell him she has joined the Twelve. He also receives great news that Helene is dead, and her threats to blackmail him are no more.

This scene initially looks like we might witness the ignition of a beautiful friendship as Konstantin explains to Pam over a pizza that they could make an escape, but as soon as we realize it is “Killing Eve” (and not any other Rom-Com), the horrible turn starts. Pam stabs him to death with the pizza cutter.

Killing Eve Series Finale

In his last moments, Konstantin tells Pam that Helene is dead and this wasn’t needed. We see her regret for a very short span of time as she then focuses on finishing the task as quickly and mercifully as she can. Although it is a very sad scene, we are one way or another expecting it for Konstantin.

The final moments of the episode take us back to Scotland and we see that Villanelle regrets her idea of hooking up with another psychopath in the heat of the moment. Gunn tells her that she won’t be sleeping in the barn as livestock anymore, but she’ll be sleeping inside the house as her pet.

Villanelle instantly realizes her mistake and flees away into the woods while Gunn chases her with a machete in hand. At the same time, Eve arrives on the island to complete this love triangle and we just hope that Eve’s adventures don’t meet a dreadful ending here.

Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 8: Hello, Losers

Luckily, Eve survives to feature in another episode, and how wouldn’t she when the whole series is based on her name. If she’s going to die, it is going to happen in this episode. We see Gunn raise her machete for a deadly strike and Eve clubs her with a rock while screaming “You can’t have her, she’s mine” and runs away.

Eve then climbs a tree to get the drop using the combat skills she gained from Yusuf. Villanelle is hiding behind the ferns watching the action-packed catfight with an unconventional grin on her face. She seems to enjoy Eve clawing out Gunn’s eyes with bare hands.

Eve and Villanelle then try escaping the terrifying island while Carolyn is returning to London disgracefully (or she would if she felt only a little bit of shame). However, the fact that she doesn’t feel anything makes her Carolyn. She informs Hugo that his new girlfriend is a Russian spy and collects herself another day to carry out her plans to take down the Twelve.

She also flinches a bit when Pam delivers Konstantin’s last letter along with a message that “he always loved her.” It’d be normal to be curious about what’s written on the letter but right now we’re more worried about Villanelle and Eve. The two of them have finally patched things up after being stuck in a rainstorm and spending the night in a small shelter alongside a pair of insufferable hikers.

The loving couple shares the interesting how-we-met story where she gave him a kidney and this made them bond forever. We also see Villanelle tracing her fingers over the scar where she once shot Eve in the back. This was possibly the happiest and most jolly scene in the series finale of Killing Eve.

We also see the intimacy between Eve and Villanelle (once again), and the camping couple reads Villanelle’s tarot card claiming that her future shows sunny days ahead, and a path blessed by celestial light. I wouldn’t lie, this scene gave us some hope for a happy ending.

Killing Eve Series Finale

The two icons then steal the camping couple’s van and arrive at the Barn Swallow pub near MI6 headquarters, which is supposed to be the Twelve’s meeting place as per Helen’s still-active cell phone. However, they find Carolyn and Pam there, instead.

Carolyn says, “One of the great unspoken truths of life is that people behave exactly as you expect them to,” as she notices Eve making one final attempt to demolish the Twelve. Eve agrees and the two also share a moment where we can sense the trust between them.

However, it makes absolutely no sense for Eve to trust Carolyn, and not be suspicious of her. This is one of the biggest flaws in the Killing Eve series finale.

After that, we move closer to the end at the new meeting place as per a message sent to Helene’s cell phone. It is a riverboat called the Dixie Queen. A fun twist arrives as the boat has been officially booked for a same-sex wedding for which Eve poses as the officiant while Villanelle goes to search for the Twelve’s secret meeting place below the decks.

We never get to see who was in the room where the Twelve commit their final massacre. Instead, the camera focuses on Villanelle as she walks in with the greeting “Hello, Losers.” The focus then shifts to town, the blood of her victims covering the screen. This scene feels very rushed.

How does it make sense for Villanelle who was afraid to fight Gunn now carry out the mission alone against the whole freaking Twelve while Eve is enjoying a stranger’s wedding? That’s what Killing Eve always seemed to do, surprise you.

The more bizarre incident happens next, Villanelle comes back at the wedding, pulls Eve off the dance floor, and claims she did it. Eve retorts, “Don’t you mean, we did it?” as the two embraces on the deck of the Dixie Queen.

Killing Eve Series Finale

“Yeah, but mostly me,” Villanelle says. And, the first bullet hits her in the back!

The bullets start raining as the women run and jump off the boat, plunging into the Thames. One bullet moves past Eve in the water but not like they were aimed at her. The next two bullets hit the target and Villanelle goes still.

The light from the London Bridge was shining down onto her wounds on the back as we witness her sad departure. The current takes her soulless body and she sinks away into the deep.

Somewhere nearby, Carolyn lifts a walkie-talkie to her lips. “Jolly good,” she says. Meanwhile, Eve is clawing her way to the surface of the river and can only scream her heart out. “THE END” flashes on the screen, and it’s over!

Was that even seemed like a series finale ending for an iconic show that is wildly popular?

Killing Eve Series Finale

Killing Eve Series Finale Review: Deserved Better, Perhaps?

When the first season finale for Killing Eve aired in May 2018, we saw Villanelle severely wounded while some presumed she was dead, Eve was upset, Konstantin was allegedly gone, and Caroly was on her way back to the MI6.

The Killing Eve season finale seemed very similar to that. However, this time, Villanelle is actually dead which also ends the two women’s intriguing intimacy in which we’ve invested our precious time. Be it Carolyns’ quest to be in the good books of MI6 or the network’s quest to ultimately end the series, Eve and Villanelle won’t ever be together again.

Killing Eve always featured mixed emotions with love and death dancing together but this time the finale has only given loose ends, rushed changes, and empty goodbyes. Although Eve didn’t die as always teased, the two women definitely deserved better.

As a fan, I’m cursing myself why didn’t I just stop watching when the road trip ended. I guess you’d be feeling the same. We’ll rate the Killing Eve Season Finale as a disappointing “D.” You can share your disappointment using the comment box.