Josh Tello Death In Mass Shooting In America Left Family to Grieve

Josh Tello Death In Mass Shooting In America Left Family to Grieve

A mother who was about to give birth to her daughter was one of the victims of a recent shooting in Saginaw’s East Side that left three people dead and two others injured. Thankfully, the baby survived the onslaught and is still alive, despite her early arrival.

Laura Buendia, Rafael “Rafa” Campos, and Mariano Escareno, all in their late teens, were slain in a shooting on June 5th at 3:00 a.m. on the 326th floor of S. 11th St. Buendia and Escareno were cousins and aunts of Campos, while Campos was a cousin of Buendia. According to Buendia’s boyfriend and daughter’s father, Josh Tello.

“I’m still heartbroken.” Tello described it as “having the worst nightmare ever.”

Both Campos and Escareno were pronounced dead on the scene. Buendia was transported to a neighbouring hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries and died.

Two guys were also injured by bullets and were taken to the hospital. The event occurred at Buendia’s parents’ house, where a weekend BBQ was hosted, according to Tello.

On Monday afternoon, no suspects had been apprehended by police.

“I don’t know a whole lot,” Tello said. “All I know is that she was outside cleaning with her two cousins. Then it became even worse.”

Tello maintained that he did not attend the gathering. Buendia lived in Bridgeport with Tello when Campos and Escareno lived in Saginaw.

He added, “I just wish I was there.”

Buendia was due to give birth to a daughter on August 22nd. Doctors were able to save the newborn, who was given the name Rosalina Buendia. The infant was 25 weeks old at the time of her birth. Tello stated that she was born weighing only a few grams.

“I’m just thankful she made it,” Tello said. “Rosy is now struggling for her life in the present.” She’s on a respirator. We had a baby shower scheduled for July.”

Tello and Buendia have been together for nine years. They’ve known one other since Arthur Hill High School.

Tello told me, “She was really happy to be a mother and anxious to establish our new family.” “She looked forward to coming to the ultrasounds.” She was ecstatic to see our little girl’s face and hear her heartbeat for the first time. Every day, this brought her joy and tranquilly.”

Josh Tello Death In Mass Shooting In America Left Family to Grieve

Tello had intended to propose to Buendia in the near future, despite the catastrophe.

He stated, “I was planning to propose to her next weekend in Chicago.” “This weekend, there was going to be a Quinceanera celebration for her family.” “I wanted to make her a gift.”

Tello described Buendia as “a stunning woman on the inside and out.” She was the most kind, empathetic, and sympathetic person I’d ever met. She was unquestionably one of my closest friends. She never made fun of me for my flaws and was always eager to help me in any way she could. Even when I wasn’t in my own place, she was always there for me. She has taught me many things, including how to be compassionate and not to judge a book by its cover. She also instilled in me the ability to appreciate yourself.”

In the year 2016, she and Escareno both graduated from Arthur Hill High School.

Buendia was a Culinary Institute of Michigan student who won the bronze medal for commercial baking at the Michigan SkillsUSA Competition in March 2017. Buendia won the gold medal in commercial baking in April of the following year.

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In the year 2018, Buendia graduated from the institution.

Isabella Dean, a fellow student at the academy who was in a lower grade than Buendia, stated, “She was always really friendly and provided her advice and mentorship to younger students.” “She was a nice and upbeat lady who was constantly striving to help others,” said one of my classmates.

She was employed as a baker manager in The Bread Guy’s bakery in Saginaw at the time of her death, having started her position in July 2020.

Tello noted, “The smallest thing always mattered to her.” “She was a baker in addition to cleaning and going to picnics. She was a people person, especially when it came to her family. Her parents and mother were the most essential members of her family.”

Buendia Tello and Tello have a Husky-golden Retriever puppy named Diego, which Buendia adored.

Tello claimed, “She constantly pampered him whenever she could.” “He was her entire world. It’s a bummer that they can’t see one other.”

Buendia enjoyed travelling and dining at fine establishments, as well as experimenting with new dishes. Burgers, pizzas, and sushi were among her favourite foods, but she was most fond of beans. Tello remarked. She also enjoyed drinking bubble tea in areas like Frankenmuth and Lansing.

Her aim was to open a bakery of her own.

Tello added, “She had so many life objectives she wanted to fulfil, and she felt she would.”

The burials of Buendia’s Campos Escareno and Buendia are being paid for through a GoFundMe effort.

“Laura, Rafa, and Mariano were kind, sweet, and caring young adults with a bright future ahead of them,” according to the campaign, which was organised by a family member. “Their parents sadly lost their lives while they were quite young. We’re aiming to gather funds to help the family with funeral expenses. The family would like to thank everyone for their kind words and prayers at this difficult time.”

Buendia’s family has been mourning for the second time in the previous few weeks. Maria T. Galindo, Buendia’s maternal grandmother, died on May 25th at the age of 77. Her funeral was held on June 1st.

On June 1, Buendia wrote on her Facebook page, “I will be visiting you with my baby daughter once she is born to see her lovely great grandma.”

Despite the vast number of victims and the lack of charges to far, authorities do not believe there is a public safety danger.

“The public is not in danger,” said Saginaw Police Chief Robert M. Ruth. “This event arose from an internal conflict involving close family members and friends. This occurrence poses no harm to the community. This isn’t your ordinary mass massacre, where a gunman sneaks in and fires into the crowd.”

Because of the continuing inquiry, Ruth was unable to elaborate further.

For “mass shootings” or “mass homicides,” the federal government employs a number of criteria. Many people think that at least four people must be slain at the same time and in close proximity to each other. In general, shootings involving family members or members of competing gangs are not excluded from formal legal definitions.

Archive of Gun Violence According to the website, a “mass shooting” is defined as a shooting in which at least four people are murdered, and there were 246 such incidents across the United States in the week ending June 6. The 6th of June is the 157th day of the calendar, which indicates that there have been 1.6 mass shootings each day on average.

According to the Gun Violence Archive’s records, there were 610 mass shootings in America in 2021, 417 in 2020, and 336 in 2019, with the number progressively growing each year.

According to CNN, ten mass shootings in the United States resulted in at least 12 deaths and more than 60 injuries over weekend. One of them was Saginaw.

All of this comes after a string of mass shootings in America, including the racially motivated shooting of ten Black shoppers at a store in Buffalo, New York, on May 14; the murder of two school teachers and 19 students at a Uvalde, Texas, elementary school on May 24; and the murder of four people in a medical facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on June 1.

Campos’ and Escareno’s deaths are the city’s seventh, eighth, and ninth murders, respectively, this year. Shootings were responsible for the majority of the nine murders. A total of two persons were injured. The city has experienced 14 non-fatal gunshots since the event on June 5, as well as another firearm injury on the 4th of June on South 15th and Remington streets.

There were 93 nonfatal shootings and 19 murders in the city, with 18 of them involving bullets.

An 18-year-old male was hit in the shoulder after hundreds of shots were fired at the Old Town commercial sector two days before the quintuple shooting that murdered Buendia, Campos, and Escareno. Izaiah M. “Zae” Danks, 18, died from injuries received during an incident on April 25 in an apartment complex in Saginaw, in the prior event on May 24.

Following a recent spate of gun violence, community leaders are providing firearms and ammo drop-offs at three sites on June 11th, a Saturday, with no questions asked. The Saginaw Fire Department station at 801 Federal Ave., Fordney Park on Gratiot near South Elm, and the Buena Vista Public Safety Department’s headquarters at 3438 Genei St. are all open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Residents surrendered 28 weapons after similar occurrences in October.

Aside from the June 11 celebration, Saginaw police have a 24-hour ammunition and weapons drop-off station at their offices at 612 Federal Ave.