Joseph Santana & Corporal Michael Paredes Police Officers Shot and Killed in Los Angeles Suburb

Corporal Michael Paredes and Officer Joseph Santana, both of whom were employed by the El Monte Police Department, were gunned down and killed in the city of El Monte, which is located in the county of Los Angeles. According to the statements made by the authorities, the incident took place late on Tuesday, June 14. According to the reports, one of the officers had 22 years of experience while the other was just starting out. Twitter was used by the El Monte Police Department to disseminate the heartbreaking piece of information. They shared images of the fallen policemen and noted in the accompanying post that it was with a heavy heart that they had to announce the passing of the valiant officers.

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On Wednesday, the officers from El Monte who were involved in the shooting were named Cpl. Michael Paredes and officer Joseph Santana. Joseph had just been working for the department for a year when the former employee had been there for a considerable amount of time. Santana is survived by his wife, daughter, and twin sons, whereas Michael Paredes is survived by his wife, son, and daughter. Santana also leaves behind a daughter. The police department released a statement on Wednesday stating that the officers had made the supreme sacrifice while performing a noble profession, serving the community that they loved in order to save the lives of others.

Reports indicate that the incident occurred at approximately 4:45 PM local time when law enforcement authorities were responding to a call about a stabbing that took place at a motel. According to the police, when the policemen arrived, they were met with gunfire almost immediately. They were hurried to the hospital in the area, but when they arrived, they were pronounced dead there. According to the complaint, the two policemen were on their way to the scene of a domestic violence incident between a woman and her boyfriend. As soon as they arrived, the gunfight had already begun in one of the motel rooms. The culprit was able to flee the motel and make his way to the parking lot, where there was another gunfight. According to Andrew Meyer, they do not know whether the policemen were shot inside or outside of the motel where they were staying.

In addition to this, it has been stated that the suspect was shot, and he subsequently passed away at the site. Ben Lowry, who is serving as the interim Chief of Police in El Monte, referred to the cops as heroes. According to the report from the coroner’s office, the fallen cops were two guys in their 30s and 40s who were devoted to their work and sensitive toward the victims. On the other hand, the perpetrator of the senseless shooting that resulted in the deaths of the heroic officers was a man in his 30s. After that, Lowry continued by praising the police as being excellent men. Since the news was made available to the general public, those who were mourning have been leaving floral arrangements, floral wreaths, and candles in front of the El Monte police station. Obviously, the occurrence was quite upsetting, and it should never have taken place in the first place.