Joker 2 ‘Folie a Deaux’ Director Todd Phillips Officially Confirmed

Joker 2 'Folie a Deaux' Director Todd Phillips Officially Confirmed

Joaquin Phoenix is back with Joker 2 which is on the move for next of its series! Todd Phillips, the film’s director, just shared the news on social media. To learn more about the upcoming film, Keep reading the details.

On Instagram, Phillips shared a photo of the screenplay’s cover as well as a photo of Phoenix sitting down to read the script.

Though rumor’s about a second Joker feature have been circulating since the original picture’s release, this is the first formal confirmation from those involved.

Scott Silver, Phillips’ Joker co-writer, is reportedly scheduled to return for a second time.

It’s now in development as Joker: Folie a Deux, according to Phillips’ Instagram post. The French term “shared madness” is frequently used to refer to the disease known as shared delusional disorder.

It is a psychosis that develops as delusional ideas and hallucinations that can be passed on from one person to the next. Is it possible that Harley Quinn will make an appearance in The Joker 2?

The moment Todd announced the news on Instagram Many of his friends and fans took to the comments section to express their excitement for the movie’s debut.

“I have zoomed in on the screenplay and can see your cameo that you wrote for me,” Red Rocket star Simon Rex commented. Thank you very much, sir. I’ll see if I’m accessible,” said social media influencer Josh Richards, who added an eye and a fire emoji to the post.

After this announcement Joker Fan’s jumped with their excitement on social media sharing their eagerness & expectation of Harley Quinn’s appearance in the movie also becomes the burning point of discussion for fan’s

The film “Joker” has been a blockbuster in the year 2019.

In the year 2019, the film Joker was released just before pandemic and it was one the most successful of that year. It not only grossed over $1 billion at the box office, but it also received 11 nominations for the 92nd Academy Awards.

Joker 2 'Folie a Deaux' Director Todd Phillips Officially Confirmed