John Visentin Cause of Death, How did John Visentin Die

John Visentin is both the vice-chairman and the chief executive officer of Xerox Holdings Corporation. Let’s find out what led to John Visentin’s passing, how he passed away, and what is the cause of his death.

John Visentin’s Unnatural Death’s Probable Cause

Xerox has announced that its CEO, John Visentin, passed away on Tuesday due to complications related to a long-term illness. The company announced on Wednesday.

A press release issued by a company states that “the Xerox family is genuinely saddened by this regrettable tragedy and sends its heartfelt sympathy to John’s wife, his five daughters, and the rest of his family.”

Visentin was promoted to chief executive officer and vice-chairman of the board at Xerox in 2018. In his absence, Steve Bandrowczak, who was most recently serving as the company’s president and chief operations officer, will assume the role of temporary CEO.

Who is John Visentin?

John managed multibillion-dollar business divisions in the information technology services industry while employed by both Hewlett-Packard and IBM. Throughout his career, John has shown a solid ability to simplify complex processes to stimulate profitable growth continuously.

John worked as an operating partner for Advent International and as a senior advisor to the chairman of Exela Technologies before he started working for Xerox. In these roles, he was responsible for providing guidance, analysis, and support regarding operational and strategic business issues during the process of due diligence and evaluating investment opportunities.

Career Path of John Visentin

John held the positions of executive chairman and CEO of Novitex Enterprise Solutions from October 2013 to July 2017. John further served as a consultant for Apollo Global Management and helped them acquire Presidio in February 2015, the premier supplier of managed and professional services for cutting-edge IT solutions. Between February 2015 to November 2017, he presided over the Presidio board of directors..

In May 2018, Visentin, also Xerox’s vice chairman, accepted Carl Icahn’s candidacy to become the company’s chief executive officer. Statistics provided by Refinitiv indicate that the entity associated with the activist investor is the corporation’s largest shareholder.

Icahn had hired Visentin as a consultant before that time to assist him in his fight against Xerox. During that period, Visentin had advised the firm to consider several strategic alternatives.

Icahn had advocated for a merger between the two companies in the year 2020, and Visentin was in charge of the company when it made an unfriendly offer to purchase HP for $35 billion.

In the same year, in response to a decline in demand brought on by businesses’ decreased printing of papers, Xerox presented a cost-cutting plan that would be implemented throughout over three years.

remembrance of John Visentin in light of his passing

Lou Wallace remarked,

Xerox Holdings Corporation’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Steve Bandrowczak, has been appointed Interim CEO NORWALK, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Xerox Holdings Corporation’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Steve Bandrowczak, has been appointed Interim CEO. Xerox Holdings Corporation’s Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, John Visentin, passed away unexpectedly.

The Tech News Club reported that

After a protracted battle with sickness, Xerox CEO John Visentin passed away suddenly. $XRX The sudden passing away of John Visentin, Chief Executive Officer of Xerox, was disclosed by the firm on Wednesday. Since 2018, he had served as the company’s CEO.