How Did John Romo Die? Cause Of Death, Obituary and More

It is with great sadness that we remember the late John Romo, a passionate barber who served the homeless community in his own unique way. Through his nonprofit organization “Haircuts and Hope”, John Romo provided free haircuts to those in need for six years. He passed away on December 24, 2022 at the age of 42. Let’s take a moment to remember this amazing man and the lasting legacy he left behind. Keep reading about this article

Who was John Romo?

John Romo was an incredibly selfless man with an immense passion for giving back to those in need. He founded “Haircuts and Hope” in 2016 after seeing how many individuals in his hometown were living without basic necessities like food and shelter. He wanted to help these people by providing them with something as simple as a haircut or shave – something that we often take for granted but can make such a huge difference to those without access to these services.

Barber Romo was committed to serving the homeless community, traveling all across California offering haircuts wherever he could find them. He was known by many as “The Barber of Hope”, as he spread kindness throughout the state while also providing much-needed grooming services. He had a vibrant personality that drew people in and made him well-loved among his clients. His altruism was inspiring, as he gave of himself selflessly even when times were hard – such as when he ended up in the hospital just weeks before his death from a blood infection.

The Lasting Impact of John Romo

The impact that John Romo has had on society is immeasurable – not only did he provide haircuts and shaves to those who needed it most, but he also provided hope through his words of encouragement and kind gestures. His legacy lives on through the work of Haircuts & Hope; they continue their mission of providing free haircuts to those living in poverty across California while keeping John’s spirit alive with their dedication and passion for helping others.

How did John Romo die? What was the cause of John death?

John Romo was an inspirational figure in the Houston community, founding the Haircuts & Hope group five years ago to provide mobile barbershop services for homeless people. He was first admitted to a hospital where they ran tests and confirmed a blood infection, After six years of selfless service, he sadly died on Christmas Eve. Denise Romo, his wife, set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for his funeral expenses. What made this news even more heartbreaking is that he had been determined to keep his organization’s mission alive up until his last days, doing all he could to provide aid to those at risk. His selfless sacrifice will live on through the respective members of Haircuts & Hope who will continue his legacy of providing “more than a haircut” for the homeless population of Houston.

Tributes Pour to John Romo death

Alexandria Martin
Throughout all these years you’ve always been my brother. I love John watching over Lillian and olive! Everyone, please keep Denise Hernandez Romo and the kids in your prayers!

Denise Hernandez Romo
Time cannot steal the treasures that we carry in our hearts ❤️ 1st pic the day we got married at the Lubbock county courthouse under the gazebo ! Thank you to my best friend of 25 years , 3 wonderful kids , I love you so much John Barber Romo !! Thank you for all the dates and always making me laugh ! Until we meet again . Rest in eternal peace. No more pain ! Love your wife Denise💔💔💔

Anna Lisa Luera Bertrand
Sorry for your loss, may he rest in peace

John Romo was an incredible example of what one person can do when they dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to service others. His life serves as an inspiration not only for us but for future generations too – reminding us all that we have the power within us to make real change if we just put our minds towards it! We are forever grateful for everything that Barber Romo has done for those less fortunate than him and will always remember him fondly as “The Barber of Hope” who spread kindness throughout California until his last days here on earth. Rest In Peace, John Romo!