How Did John Laird from Glasgow Die? Cause of death Explained ?

An 80-year-old man named John Laird from Glasgow died tragically after his Mercedes C220 was involved in a horrific car accident that occurred near the Kings Park Hotel in Rutherglen.

Keep reading the article to know about this terrible accident in detail, what happened at Mill Street in Rutherglen, how many passengers died, and many more things you should check out!

What Happened at Rutherglen

Shortly before midnight on Friday, November 18, a shocking accident occurred near the Kings Park Hotel in Rutherglen. John Laird was driving the Mercedes C220 which unfortunately collided with a Ford Mondeo. It happened at about 11:50 p.m. on Mill Street in Kings Park Avenue.

How John Laird Died? What his cause of death?

As soon as this tragic accident happened, John Laird drove to the Queen Elizabeth hospital where he was declared dead due to the fatal injuries. Another passenger of the car, Michael McManamon who was 73 years old, died eventually at the time of the collision.
Reportedly, Rutherglen Police are appealing for witnesses and have arrested a 34-year-old man, who was uninjured in the crash.

The official says, he has a connection with the incident.Our inquiries are continuing to establish the full circumstances and I would urge anyone who may be able to help and who hasn’t yet spoken to the police to get in touch. For the locals, If you have any information regarding the car accident, call the police immediately on 101.

Tributes for John Laird death

Mr. Laird’s family released a statement on John Laird’s unfortunate death, saying “We are shocked and devastated at the loss of our much loved John, a husband, father, and grandad. He will be badly missed by every one of us. We are getting by kind messages from his friends and families who knew him well and appreciated all he did for them.”

The family of a senior citizen who died in the following car accident has said they are ‘heartbroken’ by the loss”.

A popular Scotland news network, Capital Scotland News tweeted reads, “The family of 80-year-old John Laird says they’re heartbroken and shocked at his death following a two-car crash in Rutherglen on Friday night. His passenger Michael McManamon also died. A 34-year-old man has been arrested in connection after the police found him connected with the incident

Sergeant Gemma Blackadder from Lanarkshire Road Policing Unit showed her sympathy and condolence towards him and his family members, saying, “Our thoughts remain with both deceased’s family and friends.

We are sending our deepest condolences and lots of sympathies to John Laird’s family in this tough time. May God bless his soul and find peace and comfort. For more of these kinds of articles, you need to bookmark the website on your browser and keep visiting it. Also, if you want to give your feedback to us, feel free to use the comment section.