How did John Campaner die? What was the cause of his death?

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of John Campaner. John was an amazing man, devoted father, husband, brother, and son who died on March 31, leaving behind his beloved wife Alisha Campaner and their two beautiful daughters, Ava and Ivy. John was well known in the drill and blast industry, where he worked tirelessly across Canada doing what he loved: blasting. He was a hardworking man who lived life to the fullest, constantly passionate about his work and family. Continue reading.

Who was John Campaner?

John Campaner was not just a dedicated father and husband but also a man who was passionate about his work. The drilling and blasting industry lost a valuable professional with his passing. He was a determined and skilled blaster, responsible for training many young blasters in Canada. He was not just passionate about his work, but he did it with a sense of responsibility towards the environment and his colleagues.

How did John Campaner die? What was the cause of his death?

The circumstances surrounding John Campaner’s death, including his precise cause of death, were unknown at the time of publication. It’s a tragic incident, and his family, colleagues, and friends are all grieving. He worked with numerous companies and individuals over the years, and his loss is deeply felt.

John Campaner Obituary

Despite his success in his career, John never let it overshadow his family life. He lived for his wife Alisha and their two daughters, Ava and Ivy. He married Alisha Campaner on December 7, 2015, and his love for her was evident in everything he did. He was a devoted husband, always making sure his family was taken care of, and never missed an opportunity to create memories with them. John’s love and devotion to his family were a testament to the kind of man he was.

Tributes Pour To John Campaner death

The news of John Campaner’s passing elicited an outpouring of tributes from the industry and the people who knew him. Those who worked with him said he was an excellent mentor, an optimistic person who motivated others, and always willing to lend a hand. John Campaner was more than just an expert in his field; he was an inspiration to many who came in contact with him.

McConnell Lake Campgrounds
John Campaner will be sadly missed by the whole McConnell Lake Campgrounds family. John always lent a hand to everyone in need anywhere anytime. I will always remember him rallying up family and friends for great adventures. I’ll miss exchanging stories at the store. My first camp fire this spring will be in your memory. RIP John. There is a go fund me page for John’s family.

Ben Sabourin
Yesterday we lost a good friend John Campaner. He was a hard working family man and lived life to the fullest. Miss yah already buddy! RIP. Give heaven some hell! 🎣❤️😢🔥

Stephen Spencer
My biggest and hugest condolences to your family there lost there everything there father/there husband/ there son / there brother there everything u were one hell of a man John Campaner I miss u so damn much yes we may not have known eachother as well as any other consbec worker here I was probably the last person to ever hear you speak from the night before me and my girlfriend and a coworker came to check in on you after working our shift after knowing no one has heard a thing from you all day we came and checked on you and the moment I opened your room door I knew something was very very wrong I miss you so damn much brotha I hope ur doing well up there soaring up so high blasting away miss you tons brotha💔💔😭😭😭😭

John Campaner was an incredible man, who will always be remembered by his family, colleagues, and people who knew him. His passion for his work, devotion to his family, and kindness towards others made him an exceptional person. The drilling and blasting industry lost an expert, and his absence will be felt deeply. We sympathize with his family and hope they find comfort during this challenging period. Rest in peace, John Campaner.