Joel Bigelow death and obituary & his cause of death

Joel Bigelow death and obituary

Joel Bigelow death and obituary

From heavy heart we want to inform you that a tragic tragedy took place in Chicago. In just 15 hours, Chicago was almost reduced to rubble. This is the largest loss of any city anywhere in the world. It doesn’t even include the Great Fire of London (1660) or Russia’s burning of Moscow to defeat Napoleon (1718). The extent of the damage can be assessed if 200 churches are lost to fire.

First, I must be grateful that I was in my house last night when 75,000 others didn’t.

I made a rough map showing my Fourth Avenue residence 175 feet south from Harrison Street.

This is the southern boundary of the “burned” neighborhood. Wabash Ave. and Harrison Sts. – This is between Wabash Ave. and Michigan Ave.

One block north of Harrison St. to Congress St., except for 3 houses in N.W. Corner of the block. 

These exceptions are made. The southern boundary of the fire is Harrison Street, which runs from Lake West to Taylor and south to Taylor.

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It is approximately 4 miles long x 3/4 to 1 Mile wide.

This is what saved me and the area of the city that was on the yard line between Chicago and southern Michigan. 

The freight yard located on the west side was also bricked, low and destroyed. 

A low brick roof covers the rail yard on the east side. This is a significant barrier considering that stations can stretch many blocks along the track. The area between Harrison Street, Taylor Street is the burned section on the south west side of the line.