Jimmy Kimmel: Is he Leaving the ‘Tonight Show’

Jimmy Kimmel: Is he Leaving the ‘Tonight Show’

Jimmy Kimmel, talk show host and comedian, is now putting deep thought into his late-night program. The show has been hosted by him for 19 years. Keep reading to learn if he’ll be returning or leaving the show soon.

Jimmy Kimmel is contemplating the future of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The 54-year old revealed that he had been contemplating selling his long-running series Jimmy Kimmel Live!, while appearing on Variety’s Awards Circuit podcast. His contract with ABC expires in the coming year. This has caused him to reflect on his next steps.

Jimmy Kimmel: Is he Leaving the ‘Tonight Show’

Jimmy said to the media outlet that he wished he knew what he was going to do. There are moments when I feel like I can’t do it anymore. And there are moments where I wonder, “What’s the point of my life if this isn’t what I want?” It’s a complicated thing. There are practical considerations as well as considerations for family, friends, and coworkers.

Jimmy Kimmel: Is he Leaving the ‘Tonight Show’

Kimmel added that “Eventually, this will be enough for me to quit.” This is not something I will continue to do forever. If I claimed that I had made a decision, I wouldn’t be truthful. It’s something I am thinking about a lot.

Jimmy also spoke on the podcast about the Texas school shooting.

Unbeknownst to many, on May 18, 2022, a school shooting occurred in Uvalde (Texas) in which 19 children and 2 adults were shot and killed. Jimmy spoke on the Variety’s Awards Circuit podcast.

Kimmel stated, “There’s a certain amount pessimism when you talk about this multiple times.” Because you’re able to see that ‘what I’m stating seems to make sense’ the first time.

Jimmy Kimmel: Is he Leaving the ‘Tonight Show’

The pitch Perfect 2 star said, “It’s pretty similar to what everyone else thinks.” Perhaps this will reach someone. Maybe there will be some Republican senators and Congressmen who say, “This is nuts.” This can’t continue. It doesn’t. It’s quite shocking. It happens again. It happens again.

Jimmy Fallon was the April Fool’s Day prank played by Jimmy Kimmel

It’s the tale of two Jimmys. Kimmel also shared details about the prank he pulled with Jimmy Fallon on the podcast. Kimmel swapped studios with Jimmy Fallon, “Tonight Show” host.

jimmy kimmel jimmy fallon publicity split h 2019

Kimmel stated, “I thought it would be funny to do this with Jimmy Fallon because so much people confuse us.” This idea was probably pitched about four to five years ago. It didn’t work out for any reason. COVID and other major reasons were the main reasons.

He continued, “This year I was like, this year, we have to make it happen because April Fool’s Day falls on a weekend next years.” We did it. It was incredible that it wasn’t made public despite the fact that so many people knew about it. It’s quite surprising that it didn’t.

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