Jim Seals of “Seals and Crofts” Passes Away at the Age of 80

Jim Seals, a well-known musician who was a member of the American soft rock duo “Seals and Crofts,” died at the age of 80 on Monday, June 6th. There are no facts about the cause or location of his death available.

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His death was verified by friends and well-wishers who posted tributes to the iconic musician on Twitter.

Tributes on Social Media

“Who remembers the fantastic group Seals and Crofts?” remarked Lorraine Hetu Manifold, Choir Director/Voice Teacher.

Jim Seals of Seals & Crofts died in Nashville today. One of his generation’s most talented singer-songwriters, he wrote songs like

“Hummingbird, Summer Breeze, We May Never Pass This Way Again, and Diamond Girl, among others, delivered some of the most unforgettable tunes of the 1970s,” he continued. The Baha’i Teachings motivated him, and he conveyed them in a poetic and lasting fashion. God bless his wise and inventive mind.

“Seals and Crofts- They are one of my favorite performers; I have most of their albums, wonderful work throughout,” stated Jason Elias, a freelance writer, and pop culture historian. On June 6th, Jim Seals passed away. I had a lot of fun writing about them for Rebeat Magazine a few years ago. rip Jim Seals”.

In today’s piece, we’ll go over as much as we can regarding Jim Seals. Continue to scroll!

Jim Seals, who was he?

Jim Seals was born in the Texas town of Sidney in 1941. During the 1950s, he worked with Texan Darrell “Dash” Crofts, whom he met while playing in a local band.

After relocating to California, the team began writing songs for other singers before achieving success with their music. Superhit songs including “Summer Breeze,” “Diamond Girl,” and “Get Closer” propelled the duo to fame.

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Seals joined the band “Dean Beard and the Crew Cuts as a guitarist.” Seals was a member of Eddie Cochran’s touring band in 1959.

Seals later joined the band The Dawnbreakers, but he never found success. He then decided to join forces with Crofts, playing the guitar, saxophone, and violin alongside his friend Crofts on guitar and mandolin.

Jim’s Music Career is Completed

The seal was a former member of The Champs, who reformed following the massive success of their song “Tequila,” which featured. “Glen Campbell and the GCs,” which comprised Seals and Crofts, was formed by Campbell.

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‘Summer Breeze,’ the band’s second album, handed the combo a much-needed colossal break. When the album’s title song was published in 1972, it was ranked 6th in the United States and 16th in Australia.

The duo then signed a new contract with Warner Bros. Records in 1971. Their first record with Warner Bros. did not sell well as anticipated, but their second album sold more than a million copies. In 1980, the band was disbanded.

Jim Seals was a firm believer in the Bahá Faith. He was the younger brother of the late Dan Seals, a member of England Dan & John Ford Coley. Both brothers also performed as Seals and Seals on tour.

Jim is survived by his three children, Joshua, Juliette, Sutherland, and his 57-year-old wife, Ruby Jean.
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