Jessica Audrey Wallis, Wife of Canadian YouTuber Steve Wallis, Dies: Cause of Death Explained

Jessica Audrey Wallis passed away on Saturday while Sleeping. She was the wife of Canadian YouTuber Steve Wallis who runs the channel “Camping with Steve.” Steve recently shared a video announcing the “devastating” loss of his wife. Read on to know more.

Journey So Far….

Steve Wallis used to be a homeless man and met a lady named Jessica Audrey. Jess then helped him get out of the streets, start a business, and become successful. Steve recently lost Jess and is immensely heartbroken over the tragic incident.

He also requested people to donate to a local food bank or shelter in his late wife’s honor. Fans and friends have been posting the same request on Twitter and other social media platforms while also paying tribute to Jess.

How did Jessica Audrey Wallis die?

Steve Wallis recently published a video on YouTube on August 25, 2022, where he announced the tragic passing of his wife, Jessica Audrey Wallis. He stated that Jess had left him alone for whole life.

The “Camping with Steve” channel owner revealed that he had just returned from a camping trip in the woods and the two of them went to bed on Saturday night. However, when he woke up from sleep on Sunday, his wife, Jessica Audrey Wallis, had already passed away.

She died in her sleep. Steve is a really genuine guy who could be seen deeply saddened in the video. He stated that his wife was the source of all the brightness in his life and it is devastating to lose her so abruptly.

What was the cause of Jessica Audrey Wallis’ death?

Jessica Audrey Wallis passed away in her sleep last Saturday. Steve didn’t reveal the exact cause of the death of her wife. Social media users are speculating that she may have been suffering from health issues previously or may have had a cardiac arrest while sleeping.

Some users also wondered if she died of a Brain Aneurysm or a condition called AVM (Arteriovenous malformations). We’ll update this section once more information is released.

Steve was both sad and shocked at his wife’s untimely passing. It was an absolute nightmare for him to wake up and find her wife like that. The last second of the video was really tough to watch. It was clearly visible that he was barely holding on for the end of it.

Who was Jessica Audrey Wallis?

Jessica Audrey Wallis was the wife of widely popular Canadian YouTuber Steve Wallis, 40. She was employed in a public school system as a teacher and occasionally appeared on Steve’s videos and live streams.

However, she didn’t like to be on camera and used to keep her life private. Jessica appeared on Steve’s 1 Million subscribers celebration Livestream where the two could be seen extremely happy.

Steve and Jessica tied the knot in 2017 and recently celebrated their five-year wedding anniversary. It’s unknown how and when the two met but they were deeply in love with each other.

Steve and Jess lived outside Edson, Alberta. he used to call her wife “Beautiful Wife” on YouTube. It’s heartbreaking that the good guy lost her best lady in such a manner.

Tributes pouring in for Jessica Audrey Wallis

Ever since Steve discussed his wife’s passing in the grief-filled YouTube video, his fans and friends have been posting tributes for Jess on social media platforms, especially on Twitter and Reddit

“Been watching Steve’s videos for about a year now and he’s definitely one of the most interesting and genuine YouTubers there ever has been. So saddened for his loss ☹️” one user wrote on Reddit.

“I’ve always loved Steve’s videos. He has a really positive, honest, casual attitude that is so refreshing. I’m sure Jess was a big part of that.

This truly breaks my heart. I don’t know what I would do if my wife died.

I hope Jess didn’t suffer, it sounds like she died in her sleep.

I hope Steve is able to work his way through this and live the rest of his life well in her memory,” wrote another user.

“#campingwithsteve Steve, so gutted for you and the family. Hunker down and come back when you’re ready. We love you my friend. #stevewallis #beautifulwife” a fan wrote on Twitter.

“I just finished watching YouTuber Steve Wallis’ video announcing the passing of his wife, Jess. So devastating. In his videos, you see how much he loves obviously her. 💔 Please consider a local food bank or homeless shelter to contribute to in her name. #stevewallis #RIPJess” wrote one more fan.

Most of the tributes also requested donations for local food banks or shelters as Jessica was a vocal advocate for the homeless and needy alongside his husband Steve.

You can consider finding your local homeless shelter to donate to here:

Or, a food bank here:

Our deepest prayers and condolences go out to Steve to deal with this tough time. May God let Jessica rest in peace and offer strength to Steve.

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  1. Me and my hubby have been watching you from the beginning you are my amazing we love your videos we are heartbroken for you and the family I used to sit and try get a glimpse of Jess which I did a few times fly high beautiful lady you take as much time as you need Steve we will all be here waiting for you sending lots of hugs and love Shirley and ian abrams uk 🇬🇧 xxxxxxxxx💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🙏

  2. My condolences to Steve and Jess’ family. We never know what plan God has for us.
    I pray that Steve will be strong during this time.
    God Bless 🙏

  3. steve’s videos have made us laugh many times his antics are truly funny. This will be very hard for him, Jess was special!. Her legacy is steve, she helped to make him what he is today and his humor is a gift to all who watch his utube channel, that gift lives on. This is very sad.

  4. God be with Steve right now. Thank you for writing his story the way you did. He’s obviously a loving husband which is very evident from his videos.

  5. Truly sorry for your loss me and my husband have watched you for years now. We know you truly loved your beautiful wife our hearts go out to you may you be strong enough to carry on. Hopefully your crazy neighbour will be your strength to carry on your videos RIP. Steve’s beautiful wife until you meet again xx our hearts go out to you all the way from Newcastle Upon Tyne England xx

  6. Sorry for the loss of your wife. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. We love watching your videos. We hope you can find peace during this difficult time.
    Tim, Marianne, Carl and Jacob Lewis

  7. The jab. Young people are dying all over the world and our gov’ts mandated experimental Mrna crap that had never been put in a human body before in a “vaccine”.

  8. Steve, I just want you to know how deeply sorry I am for your loss. Just know you aren’t alone. There are so many people who care about you. You are surrounded by love and prayers. You truly are not alone. Beautiful Wife is looking down upon you with much love.

  9. Steve, we have been watching you since the beginning and always looked forward to a Thursday video. We have gypsy souls and had the pleasure of traveling the world together. I can’t imagine how you are feeling, after having someone so wonderful on your journey, to suddenly not be there.

    Our deepest condolences to you and your family.

    Peter and Trish
    St Albert AB

  10. Steve, my greatest condolences; my Beautiful Wife is in a long term care home in London.

    Have you considered a challenge I gave to some teenagers :

    Make your overnight camp 8-10 ft high as if you were in a mangrove swamp in Asia.

    My suggestions, which I have used were a cargo net with a dome tent set upon it.

    Give yourself the time to grieve Steve and then came back to us as we will miss you if you don’t

    Mike VE3ACW2

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