Jayne Valseca Died: What Was the Cause Of Her Death?

Jayne Valseca Died: What Was the Cause Of Her Death

Jayne Valseca Died: What Was the Cause Of Her Death

People who heard the death information about Jayne Valseca Obituary 2022 are searching aggressively on the internet for the death cause of Jayne Valseca. Many people have been able to surveil Jayne Valseca’s passing. The internet often deceives its audience by passing information to Jayne Valseca regarding a healthy person, as though she is dead. We found several threads on Twitter that honored Jayne Valseca’s death and the truth about Jayne Valseca.

What was the Cause of Death of Jayne Valseca?

Jayne Valseca was diagnosed with cancer in back 2012 & can be guessed that cancer might be the reason of her death. 

Jayne Valseca Died: What Was the Cause Of Her Death

Jayne Valseca suffered a lot from breast cancer, which was the reason she died. 

She was able to get treatment thanks to her loved ones and co-wrote a book while she was still alive.

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 Jayne, have faced many difficulties in life including kidnapping which turns into trauma to her, which developed cancer aggressively.

Jayne Valseca Faced Trauma

Even though the kidnappers have leave her without harm but than also that memory was unforgettable for her.

According to sources, she died from breast cancer. 

Eduardo is in great grief & to some point silent that god have given her relief from such pain. It was terminal stage cancer when Eduardo heard about it & from that point their life have changed dramatically.

Jayne Vlseca Family

Jayne Vlseca lived a happy life. Her children began to share an interview after her death in which they shared how funny and kind she was to her family.

 She had been through many things before her death. Read below to know more about her life journey.

Eduardo’s Kidnap Story

Jayne and Eduardo dropped their child off at school alone on June 13, 2007. 

Jayne saw two cars following them shortly after they dropped their child off at school.

A few men in masks attacked the couple and launched themselves out of the car. 

Jayne also noted Eduardo was taken from her vehicle to another SUV. 

A note referred to an Email ID was found by Jayne. It stated that it would be their only communication channel.

 Five days later, an email arrived stating that Eduardo should be released and she needed to pay $8 million. 

It was hard to believe that the money was so large. Jayne had sold some animals, cattle, and properties, but she only made $20,000.

Jayne Valseca’s Mental Health

Jayne struggled to eat right in the beginning after facing such a trauma.

She relied on orange juice, tea, chicken broth and chicken broth. As time went on, Jayne found hope and started doing the things she used to do. Anonymous people used to sent her money also for treatment. 

The kidnappers reached a settlement and they have released Eduardo on payment of $1,000,000. Eduardo was finally freed after seven months of kidnapping. He returned to his home in January 2008. The case remains controversial and is currently in the news.