Is Jay Israel dead or alive? know everything about him ?

On social media, a video was shared that portrays South African cleric Jay Israel as a fraud. Prophet Isah Gideon, the senior pastor of Household of Mercy and Deliverance Ministries, accused Israel of attempting to gain popularity and power through deceit and manipulation. According to Gideon, Israel threatened Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, Gideon’s spiritual father and senior pastor at Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry. In response, Gideon declared war against Israel and vowed not to forgive the fake and fabricated stories about his ministry that prompted the conflict.

What happened to Jay Israel ?

In order to answer this question, it’s important to first understand a little bit about the actor himself.

Gideon also announced that two Nigerian men involved in the alleged blackmail scheme, who were later apprehended, would serve time in prison for their fraudulent and defaming actions. He criticized Israel for sending others to do his dirty work and for causing negative consequences for families without considering their well-being.

Who’s Jay Israel?

Jay Israel is a pastor and the founder of Spirit Life Mega Church in South Africa. He was born in Zimbabwe as Jacob Dube and started a church in Harare at the age of 18. In 2017, he engaged Benene Bee, but the two parted ways shortly after due to infidelity claims. After his split with Benene, he began dating Khanya Mankayi. He gained attention in 2016 when he launched his church in East London, South Africa.

Is Jay Israel dead or alive?

There are reports that Jay Israel, a pastor and founder of Spirit Life Mega Church in South Africa, has died. South Africa-based journalist Solomon Izang Ashoms claimed that he called Jay Israel’s sister to express his condolences. Jay Israel had a history of attacking and insulting other religious leaders, including Pastor E.A Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo, Apostle Johnson Suleman, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Prophet T.B Joshua, and Prophet Jeremiah Fufueyin, among others. He accused these leaders of being fake and charlatan, and attempted to blackmail them for financial gain by threatening to expose them. His actions were reportedly exposed when he was caught on camera trying to blackmail Prophet Makandiwa.

In contrast, Gideon praised Fufeyin for his charitable works and for providing hope during the COVID-19 lockdown season. Fufeyin reportedly donated billions of naira worth of food, shelter, and other aid to communities outside of the Christian faith. He also ensured that his church staff received weekly allowances, accommodation, and meals during the pandemic and paid their monthly salaries, which was recognized in an appreciation video from the staff. Gideon encouraged his followers to appreciate Fufeyin’s good deeds and called out Israel for publicly defaming various ministries and spreading lies.