Jason Momoa Involved in a Car Accident in LA: Learn What Happened?

Aquaman star Jason Momoa collided “head-on” with a motorcyclist on a Los Angeles-area road. The accident occurred on Sunday when Momoa was traveling near Calabasas over the weekend. Fortunately, the Game of Thrones’ actor and the motorcyclist both are fine.

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Jason Momoa wasn’t hurt in the incident while the motorcyclist sustained “minor, non-life threatening injuries.” He was taken to the nearby medical facility in an ambulance for treatment.

Fans are concerned about Momoa and being grateful to God as nothing happened to the beloved actor. The Internet has been buzzing ever since the news emerged and initial reports claimed that the accident was bad.

Jason Momoa Accident: What Happened?

As per the reports by TMZ, Jason Momoa was traveling on Old Topanga Canyon Road on Sunday near the Calabasas area in Los Angeles on Sunday, July 24, 2022. When he was driving on a windy road, a biker coming from the opposite direction collided with Momoa’s car on the front left side.

The impact made the ride bounce off his bike and hit Momoa’s car’s windshield, and then the rider landed on his feet after clearing the hood of the car. An ambulance was called after the incident and the motorcyclist was transported to the hospital.

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He sustained minor injuries that are non-life threatening. Fortunately, Jason Momoa didn’t receive any damage, except for some dents on his car and a broken windshield.

How did the accident happen between Jason Momo and Motorcyclist?

The accident happened as the two vehicles were traveling on a windy road on a foggy morning. Jason Momoa was driving an Oldsmobile muscle car and the motorcyclist was coming from the opposite direction. The two vehicles were at a fast speed, so they couldn’t apply brakes on time.

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Consequently, the head-on collision happened. It’s speculated that the motorcyclist could be driving in the wrong lane as Momoa was on the right track. Fortunately, none of the parties involved were injured.

How is Jason Momoa after the accident?

Jason Momoa is absolutely well following the accident. A video, shot on the helmet-mounted camera of a passing cyclist, shows the aftermath of the crash. A police cruiser and two-emergency response vehicles can be seen at the scene.

The video further shows Momoa walking back to his car, likely after talking to the first responders. The motorcycle and a helmet could be seen on the side of the road. It’s reported that Jason Momoa didn’t suffer any injuries in the car crash.

Which car was Jason Momoa driving?

Jason Momoa was driving an Oldsmobile muscle car, which seems the be the one from his 2021 Netflix movie “Sweet Girl.” It was his character’s vehicle and was featured in the stunning chase scene.

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The car is a fully-restored 1970 Oldsmobile 442 which has been timeworn into a rustbucket. The rusty paint was removed after the production was over. It seems Momoa got to keep the car as the massively popular actor also helped in the restoration.

Who was the Motorcyclist that got hit by Jason Momoa?

The motorcyclist who was involved in an accident with actor Jason Momoa has been identified as Vitaliy Avagimyan, 21, from Tarzana, California. The bike rider reportedly jumped lanes and smashed into Momoa’s car head-on.

“As a result of this collision, Mr. Avagimyan was ejected from his motorcycle. After the collision, Mr. Momoa exited his vehicle to assist Mr. Avagimyan and was able to flag down a passing motorist to call 9-1-1,” the California Police confirmed.

Avagimyan was driving a 2021 Honda motorcycle. He has sustained minor injuries including bruising to the leg and an injury to their thumb. He was taken to the Northridge hospital for treatment and emergency inspection.

“Mr. Avagimyan was transported by ambulance to Northridge hospital for medical treatment of minor, non-life threatening injuries,” the report stated. “Mr. Momoa was uninjured and remained on scene throughout the investigation,” it added.

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