Is Talitha Vickers leaving WXII? Why is She Leaving and Where is She Going?

The Popular news anchor Talitha Vickers is leaving WXII 12 News this week, find out why is she leaving, and where is she going in the near future here. She is a widely known journalist who has been working with the news station since 2013.

Is Talitha Vickers leaving WXII
Is Talitha Vickers leaving WXII

She started her media career as a self-disciplined producer, editor, and photojournalist. Later, she shifted to hosting regular shows and anchoring for mainstream news. Talita is known to cover some of the hottest news topics in recent times.

She has impressively covered the political elections, the George Zimmerman trial, and the Casey Anthony trial. She had also published a book by herself titled “Why My Hero Had To Go” that explains to children about military deployment.

Is Talitha Vickers Leaving WXII 12 News?

Yes, Talitha Vickers is really leaving WXII 12 News after working on the station since 2013 as an anchor and reporter. The American journalist is bidding goodbye to the media network after almost nine years of working together.

The official website of the network and the official Twitter account confirmed the news of Talitha Vickers leaving WXII on Thursday, May 5, 2022. [Embed this tweet here]

Soon, Talitha also announced her departure from the media network on Instagram with a heartfelt video and the caption “Thank you!!!! [Embed this Instagram post here]

Talitha’s fans are shocked by the news as the anchor had been working with the media network WXII for a very long time. Many of them didn’t believe the news initially and started searching if she has actually left the station.

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Why is Talitha Vickers Leaving WXII 12 News?

Ever since the news of Talitha Vickers leaving WXII broke out, her fans have been wondering the reason behind her departure. Talitha has revealed that she is leaving the media network and her job as a news anchor “to embark on a new journey that will allow her to spend more time with her family.”

Is Talitha Vickers leaving WXII

Talitha Vickers won’t be available on your screens from next week, and the news has also disappointed many. Her ardent fans have warmly welcomed her decision. A piece of good news is that she’ll still keep sharing updates about her life on her social handles as she spends some quality time with her family.

Is Talitha Vickers leaving WXII

Where is Talitha Vickers Going Next?

For the time being, Talitha Vickers is not going to join any other media network and continue her career as a news anchor and reporter. She is going to stay at home and spend time with her family including his husband and kids.

There are no reports available currently if she’s going to switch her career or join another media network. She has reportedly quit her gig with WXII to give her family more time and create moments. She isn’t jumping ships to another company.

Is Talitha Vickers leaving WXII

Talitha and WXII have also ended business on good terms. Thus, it is also likely that she may return to the same media network after an absence of a year or two.

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Talitha Vickers Family: Husband and Kids

Talitha Vickers’ family consists of her loving husband and two kids who are twins. The 35-year-old American journalist took a two-week vacation to get married near her parent’s home in Long Island New York around six years ago. Just two months after her marriage, Mr. Vickers got transferred to Kissimmee, Florida.

The loving couple welcomed a set of twins Kayla Lynette and Bohdan Isaiah on June 23, 2017. The family of four now lives in North Carolina, the USA. Talitha chooses to keep her marital life and information about her family private.

Is Talitha Vickers leaving WXII

She will now be able to spend more time with her family as she has left WXII 12 News, and won’t be working there from next week.

Talitha Vickers Salary and Net Worth in 2022

Talitha Vickers is a widely popular news anchor known for working with the WXII media network. Her annual salary for her work at the station may range from $24,292 to $72,607. According to Informationcradle, her hourly average income calculates to $10.15 to $31.32.

She is also known to possess assets, invest in small businesses, and promote stuff on her social handles. She was also honored with the 2020 Outstanding Women Leaders Award for her revolutionary work in the field of journalism. Talitha had also won Winston Under 40 Award in 2019, and an Associated Press Award.

Is Talitha Vickers leaving WXII

Despite having amassed a substantial fortune, Talitha chooses to live a modest and humble lifestyle. According to the available estimates, Talitha Vickers’ net worth is over $3 million. The news anchor will now focus more on her family and may resume her career later.

We wish her the best in all her future endeavors.