Is Bobby OJay Dead, Who is Bobby OJays wife? Age, Instagram, wedding photos

Who is Bobby O’Jay’s wife? Age, Instagram, wedding photos:  The death of Memphis legendary radio personality Bobby O’Jay at the age of 68 was reported on headlines in newspapers across the nation. Everyone was stunned to hear of his passing. All his friends and family members remembered the death of DJ legend Bobby O’Jay. Bobby O’Jay, commonly known as the King of Memphis Radio, was a famous DJ. People have been offering their sincere tributes to him on social media after his death was announced. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the family members and loved ones. We’ll give you some details about Bobby O’Jay on this page.

Bobby O’Jay

Who is the wife of Bobby O’Jay?

Bobby O’Jay’s wife is Kim Ojayrleda. Bobby O’Jay was aged 68 when he died on May 3rd, 2022. The reason for his death remains to be established. Bev Johnson is a popular radio host and confirmed that he died. Bobby was working in his workplace when he died as he said in an announcement. As per his aunt Wanda Thomas, his entire family is grieving. In the present, the family needs our support. In the wake of his tragic death, the family is experiencing a challenging time.

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“We’re doing well as we can,” his niece Wanda Thomas told us. We just heard him this morning, and he appeared to sound like he was in good health. It’s all part of the procedure.” Bobby was our hero She said she wanted to become like him when she’s older. “Our chain is damaged,” she continued. My positive memories will support us and assist us in getting through this challenging time.”

Bobby O’Jay’s actual name was Joe Louis Jones. In 1972, he began his debut as a professional with the team in Montgomery, Alabama. He was offered the job he wanted on February 23rd, 1983. He spoke about his personal life and various topics dear to him through his talk show. He enthralled thousands of viewers. The National Radio Hall of Fame has nominated him and has named him. He worked for almost forty years at WDIA, America’s first Black radio station. He was among Memphis the most famous radio personality. In his radio career, Bobby O’Jay had the chance to speak with various well-known celebrities such as Whitney Houston, Johnny Cochran, Muhammad Ali, and Rufus Thomas. In the year 68, Bobby O’Jay passed away. His soul may rest in peace.