Hugo Gavilánez Dead At The Age of 74

Hugo Gavilánez Dead at The Age of 74

Hugo Gavilánez Dead at The Age of 74

According to RTS Network, Hugo Gavilanez Borrero, a television presenter, died on Wednesday morning June 1, 2013.

Due to the decompensation he sustained on May 12, the correspondent was hospitalized.

Erika Gavilanez was the journalist’s daughter. She told multiple media outlets her poor health was due COVID-19.

Hugo was severely affected by the coronavirus, which he contracted in December 2020.

Hugo Gavilanez’s daughter has asked for a prayer chain to pray for her father, a newscaster on RTS.

Gavilanes’s health was affected by a newscast in which the communicator was present.

Erika Gavilanez created a prayer chain via social media networks on Monday, May 30. She also thanked the public and expressed gratitude for their support.

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The journalist’s family requested that the matter be kept confidential and said that they would report any news regarding the journalist’s health. They also stated that the journalist had a “reserved outlook.”

She also said that doctors are conducting various tests to find the source of her medical problem. This appears to be a hangover to COVID-19.

“My father was diagnosed with new crown pneumonia two years ago. There were certain sequelae. “The doctor requested that he be admitted to the hospital to undergo further examination in order to rule out any possibility of serious injury. My dad is still awake and not in intensive care. Erika Gavilanez said that my father is most in need of rest.

She clarified, however, that her father wasn’t in serious condition or in intensive care. However, visits were limited.

“Unity is strength” and my family believes that God is in control over my father’s health. Due to doctor’s recommendation, my father has continued to limit his visits and calls. We will keep you informed of any further details. Thank you for blessing him once again. “Thank you,” said the daughter of the correspondent.