How to become a nun in BitLife

How to become a nun in BitLife

How to become a nun in BitLife: Making the decision to become a nun is a time taking task. You have to give your 100% if you wish your character to turn into a nun in BitLife. The job requires strict guidelines, and if you don’t adhere to these rules, there are consequences. In this article we’ll show you how to be a nun on BitLife.

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The only option for your characters to become nuns is if they’re female. In the event that your male character has a gender, they could be a monk or the same position, but with an alternative name. You can however only select either one of the options depending on the gender of your character.

Then you’ll have to look for your position on the Occupation tab of you female characters. It is essential to have completed at least high school.

The role of nun typically falls lowest in pay since it doesn’t pay a huge amount of money. The problem is that it doesn’t come up all that often. It is necessary to refresh the search several times while waiting for it to show up or shut the application down to ensure that your character doesn’t get old. If it appears, you’ll be accepted for the position, and you’ll be a nun. Also, you must ensure that your character doesn’t sleep with anyone else, as it is a prerequisite for the job, and it comes with consequences.

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