How many nuclear weapons would it take to destroy the USA?

In the United States, there are 25 megacities. Suppose 500 intercontinental ballistic missiles with bombs with a blast force of 400 kilotons (eg. soviet tested rds 37) are launched simultaneously. In that case, only 500 out of 100 will make it to the United States. It will be enough for a nightmare. So only Russia can destroy the United States because they have 4200 nuclear bombs compared to 4000 for the United States. Their anti-ballistic missile system is not as good as America’s.

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The existence of radioactivity, when combined with climate change, will alter life for a very long period. Already weak infrastructure will be severely impacted

Affect of nuclear weapon on usa

If major cities are affected, there will be insufficient resources to save lives and cope with radiation. If dealing with viruses is difficult, add radioactivity to the mix, and there are insufficient nuclear disaster professionals and resources to deal with a nuclear winter.

Without grocery stores, how does a contemporary man survive? There will not be enough time to cultivate your own food if there is clean rain.

All survivors’ thoughts (and bodies) will be changed by nuclear war. Everyone will have to fend for themselves. Governments will be unable to function since there will be staff, and everyone will be forced to collect food and water in order to survive.

Proponents of nuclear weapons spend no time discussing the possibility of a nuclear winter. The whole united state probably takes around 100 to do it for vanishing. I’d call it ‘completely devastated all big cities were reduced to ash.