How did Will Helstrip die?Who Was Will Helstrip? Teen Bullied Over Cleft Lip Dies After Taking Drug Bought Form Dark Web

Will Helstrip, an 18-years old East Yorkshire teenager who was bullied over cleft lip reportedly died in May after an accidental overdose of the drug he ordered from the dark web. Read on to know who was Will Helstrip and how did he die.

Helstrip was a highly talented boy but life grew hard on him as he aged and went to middle school and then high school. He had a tragic end after he accidentally overdosed on a drug that he bought online.

Who was Will Helstrip?

Will Helstrip was an 18-year-old teen boy from East Yorkshire. He lived in Dunnington with his mother Ruth and father Steve. He also had two younger sisters. Will was a highly skilled computer programmer who had won several hackathons and contests.

He suffered from the Cleft Lip condition and was often bullied due to the unorthodox shape of his lip. He was a very bright student since his childhood and went to the Dunnington Primary School.

Will Helstrip was born on July 3, 2003, and had the condition since his birth. He had his first surgery when he was just three months old. The doctors performed a number of surgeries till he reached the age of eleven to repair his lip.

How did Will Helstrip die?

Will Helstrip died on May 26, 2022, after taking an accidental overdose of drug that he ordered from the dark web seeking “peace.” He was severely bullied over his cleft lip and this adversely impacted his mental health.

Will started suffering from depression and insomnia due to the bullying he received since his days in middle school. He reportedly stayed awake for days and used his computer to escape from the monsters in his mind.

He unknowingly ordered medication online that was laced with an opioid that is up to 20 times more powerful than fentanyl. He took it to help him sleep and died due to the overdose of the drug.

Family pays tribute to Will Helstrip as he Died due to Bullying

Will Helstrip died after a drug overdose and his family believes there is no way the teenager would have taken his own life. They believe the medication was laced with the synthetic opioid drug known as N-pyrrolidino etonitazene.

A full inquest into Will’s death was opened and adjourned in Hull. It will be heard at a later date. Meanwhile, the family is paying tribute to the late teenager who they believe took the extreme step due to being bullied.

“What I miss is all the hope for the future Will had. His closest family and friends knew he was struggling but we all knew he could come through this. He had a bright future,” Will’s mother Ruth said.

“Despite everything, he never stopped telling me he loved me. Now I am not going to hear that anymore.

“We will keep Will’s memory alive, will tell the story of his life, of how he was funny, intelligent, a coding genius, loved listening to music, loved to rap, started to enjoy making his own music, found joy and acceptance within the trance community at Steve’s gigs, insisted on wearing his socks back to front, adored his dogs Amber, Annie and Lola and, of course, was obsessed with pizza and baked beans, though definitely not at the same time!”

Will Helstrip had a very difficult life due to bullying over a cleft lip. I hope he is resting in a better world now. May God grant strength to his family.