How Did Teddy Ray Die? Comedian’s Untimely Death at 32 Shocks Fans and Fellow Stars

Teddy Ray, a renowned comedian and actor, passed away at the age of just 32 on Friday. He was popular for his collaborations with Katt Williams and Russell Simmons. Their content quickly went viral and received a lot of praise. Read on to know what happened to him.

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Ever since the news emerged, fans and fellow stars have been shocked about the sudden passing of the beloved comedian. Netizens are continuously sharing tributes and prayers for the departed soul on various social media platforms.

Comedy Central has also posted a heartfelt tribute for Teddy stating that he was a hilarious and beloved performer. Media production company Hoorae Media also shared a tribute mentioning that they would be grateful for the energy Ray brought to their work.

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How did teddy ray dies and What was the cause of death?

Comedian Teddy Ray passed away on Friday, August 12, 2022. His death was confirmed by a representative from his family and went viral after comedian Los PopaVotch shared a tweet regarding his demise on Twitter.

The cause of Teddy Ray’s death wasn’t revealed immediately. Multiple sources have been speculating that the comedian died of cardiac arrest as he was struggling with Obesity for a very long time.

However, neither his family nor the local authorities have shared an update about his demise. It’s possible that the young man died a natural death or passed away battling an illness. There was reportedly no foul play involved in his death.

Previously, Ray thought he would be “the first to go” when news outlets said COVID-19 was riskier for “obese” people.

“You know how Usher used to do his chain and just throw it around his body and dance. That’s how I wish I could do my body fat, and just moonwalk away from it,” he said.

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Who was Teddy Ray? Early Life and Career

Teddy Ray was born on July 30, 1990, and was a West Los Angeles native. He was a popular American actor, comedian, and Internet personality. The “funny man” gained recognition for his appearance on Russell Simmon’s comedy platform, All Def Digital.

His work on the platform made him a fan favorite and also helped increase the number of subscribers on his YouTube channel. He has around 33K subscribers on YouTube and 202K followers on Instagram.

Teddy was also one of the cast members on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out Season 8. He then went on to host a podcast with Lewis Ray titled “The Cali Kickback.” He also toured with some popular names like Katt Williams and David Spade and was loved by celebs like Jamie Foxx and T-Pain.

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Teddy was given his first TV special on BET and performed at the Comedy Central Colossal Clusterfest. He was also known for his roles in Funny Fat Guy, Hot To Be Broke, and Scroll Wheel of Time.

Teddy Ray Net Worth: How Rich was he?

Teddy Ray was a successful American actor and comedian. He had been working from a very young age and also earned a good living from digital platforms. According to a digital media outlet, Teddy Ray’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

The majority of his fortune came from his comedy shows, appearances in movies, and other works on the silver screen. Teddy was also on Cameo and charged $65 for paid greetings to fans.

He doesn’t have a Wikipedia page. However, he was very active on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms. His last Instagram post came on his last birthday which was just two weeks ago.

Fans and Fellow Mates paying tribute to Teddy

Fellow stars and fans have been sharing tributes, and prayers, and paying respect to the late comedian Teddy Ray. Social media platforms are full of people remembering the funny guy and his work.

“[I] been to damn near every one of his comedy shows in LA since he started em. one of the funniest ppl i [sic] know seriously. this is really heartbreaking man. RIP teddy damn bro,” wrote musician Jean Deaux.


“MADE SO MANY PEOPLE LAUGH AND SMILE … you will be missed condolences to the family,” wrote comedian Blxst.

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“Teddy Ray was one of the funniest of this new generation of comics man. So many hilarious, iconic moments 🥺 I met him in LA in 2019 and he was so cool. RIP” wrote a fan.

These are only some of the examples. There are plenty of others available online. Our heart goes out to Teddy’s family in these tough times. May God let the departed soul rest easy.

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