How did Mike Pratt die? Cause of Death Explained

Mike Pratt was an American basketball player who also served as a coach. He was 73 years old when he died. Let’s look at how he died, what transpired, Let’s take a look at how Mike Pratt died, what transpired, and what his cause of death ?

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Mike Pratt Cause of Death

Mike Pratt, a former Wildcat and long-time UK basketball radio analyst, died of cancer complications on Friday. Bob Valvano of ESPN Radio confirmed the news on Twitter. At the age of 73, Pratt died.

The Dayton native arrived in Lexington in the fall of 1966 after being recruited by Joe B. Hall. He went on to be named a second-team Converse All-American, two-time first-team All-SEC performer, and a member of the Wildcats’ three SEC championship teams (1968-70).

Pratt scored 1,358 points, collected 718 rebounds, and had 32 double-doubles in 81 games with the University of Kentucky basketball team.

How did Mike Pratt die?

Mike Pratt died on Thursday night following a long battle with colon cancer, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader. At the time, he was 73. Pratt was diagnosed with the disease in January of this year. He was a former Kentucky basketball player who went on to work as a radio analyst for the Wildcats for more than two decades.

Mike Pratt, a former Wildcat and long-time UK basketball radio analyst, died of cancer complications on Friday. Bob Valvano of ESPN Radio confirmed the news on Twitter. At the age of 73, Pratt died.

Early Years and Education of Mike Pratt

On August 4, 1948, in New York City, Michael P. Pratt was born. In the United States, he was both a player and a coach. He weighed 195 pounds and stood 6’4′′ (1.93 m) tall (88.5 kg).

Pratt graduated from Meadowdale High School in Dayton, Ohio, in 1966. He was a three-year letterwinner at the University of Kentucky under famed coach Adolph Rupp from 1967 to 1970.

He was picked by the Kentucky Colonels in the 1970 American Basketball Association draught after his time with the Wildcats, where he played two seasons and averaged six points per game.

Career of Mike Pratt

Before joining Lee Rose’s coaching staff at UNC-Charlotte, Pratt played for the ABA Kentucky Colonels for two years. As an assistant coach with the 49ers in 1977, Charlotte made it to the Final Four.

He went on to work as an assistant coach for Lee Rose at UNC Charlotte after his playing career, where he helped the 49ers reach the NCAA Final Four in 1977.

Pratt took over as UNCC’s head coach when Rose, a former Transy coach, moved for Purdue at the end of the 1978 season. Before moving to the broadcast booth, Pratt was the Niners’ head coach for four years.

Rose accepted the head coaching position at Purdue after the 1977–78 season, and Pratt was appointed as his replacement. Pratt coached the 49ers for four seasons, compiling a 55–52 record until being sacked following the 1981–82 season.

Pratt previously worked as a basketball analyst for ESPN, Fox Sports, and the Charlotte Hornets TV Network.

In 2001, Pratt began working for the UK Network as a colour analyst for Tom Leach, “The Voice of the Wildcats,” where he helped paint the image for the 2022-2023 season.

A Tribute to the Life of Mike Pratt

TJ Beisner expressed his thoughts in the following way:

I awoke to the very thing I had dreaded. Mike Pratt was a truly unique individual who touched the lives of so many. When you were with him, he had a way of making you feel better and convinced you that you could accomplish anything. I am incredibly grateful that he has accepted me as a friend.

“According to Orlando Antigua,”

It’s heartbreaking to learn of Mike Pratt’s passing!! I’m going to miss seeing him at practise and listening to his amazing stories!! Thank you, Mike, for being a fantastic ambassador and role model for what it means to be a man from the United Kingdom!! All of his loved ones have my condolences!! RIP

According to Maggie Davis,

Peace be with you. Pratt, Mike He was the embodiment of a gentleman, going out of his way to be polite to me when I was just starting out in this industry. Mike has a wide circle of acquaintances. For the proper reasons, he’s a legend. Prayers for him and his family, as well as anyone else who is suffering today.

Big Blue is a fictional character created by James Cameron Drew expressed himself as follows:

Mike Pratt’s passing is heartbreaking. His presence in a room and the kind manner in which he dealt with people were always appreciated by me. A legend in the United Kingdom who will be sorely missed. Give each other a hug.

Jerry Tiptop expressed his thoughts in the following way:

Mike Pratt died on Thursday night, according to his Facebook page. He had died at the age of 73 years. From 1967-68 until 1969-70, he was a member of the UK team. For the previous 21 seasons, he served as the colour analyst for UK radio broadcasts.

Shannon “According to the Dude,”

Mike Pratt’s death has brought me much sadness. Mike was a basketball legend in the United Kingdom, a wonderful broadcaster alongside Tom Leach, and most importantly, a pleasant and caring man who was adored by all. Everybody at BBN will miss him.

According to Eric Lindsey:

Mike Pratt, one of the nicest people on the face of the earth, has passed away. Mike was a member of the UK Hall of Fame, although that will be a minor point in his tale. His legacy will be defined by the way he treated others. Everyone knew who he was. Mike is someone whom we should all strive to emulate.

According to Beau Big Blue,

Coach Rupp referred to him as “one of the most powerful athletes I’ve ever coached,” and he remained a key member of the UK team. Mike Pratt was one of the few players that played and represented Kentucky as if he were a native. His friendship and voice are invaluable to the #BBN. RIP.

According to Tyler Thompson:

Mike Pratt passed away this morning, which was really sad news. He was incredibly generous, especially to young individuals entering the industry, in addition to his talents on the court and on the radio. Mike always gave me a friendly smile and a friendly conversation. That’s something I’ll miss. Peace to you.

According to Mark Ennis:

Mike Pratt’s death has brought me much sadness. He was a pleasure to spend time with. Always had a half-dozen hilarious stories to tell. “Mr. Pratt,” I couldn’t help myself. Everyone will mourn his loss.

In the words of John David Dyche,

Mike Pratt, please accept my condolences on his passing. I didn’t know who he was, but from watching @UKSportsNetwork broadcasts, I got the impression I did. He’s likeable, smart, and hilarious. “Chicken wing,” “stripes,” and “Treyville” were some of his signature phrases. He has never been mentioned in a bad light. @KentuckyMBB is also a great player. It will be difficult to replace you.