How did Jules Tottenham Brevis die? Cause of Death Explored

Jules Tottenham Brevis, a popular man on Twitter and other social media platforms, passed away on Sunday. He reportedly died at a boxing competition. Read on to know how did Jules Tottenham die, what happened to him, and what was the cause of his death.

Reports about Brevis’ death emerged Sunday night and people are concerned about the cause of his demise. Tributes are coming from the people close to him as people are shocked due to the unexpected event.

Who was Jules Tottenham Brevis?

Jules Brevis, more popularly known as Jules Tottenham Brevis or JabMaster Brevis, was a social media creator and boxing legend from Norwich. He was an ardent fan of Tottenham Hotspur FC and frequently shared news and updates about the team via his Twitter handle.

He was a CLASS 1 HGV driver of Limousine and an Executive car wedding Chauffeur as per his Twitter bio. Brevis was born in 1972 and he joined Twitter in 2016. He was a Tottenham native and lived there with his wife Mel Brevis.

How did Jules Tottenham Brevis die?

Jules Tottenham Brevis reportedly died earlier today on Sunday, October 2, 2022, at a charity boxing competition in Norwich. He was reportedly attending the event as a participant and was scheduled to compete in a celebrity boxing match.

At around 3:47 PM on Sunday, the police were called to the event taking place at Diamond Road, Norwich. Upon reaching there, they found out that a 50-year-old man had collapsed and the emergency services were trying to save him.

Unfortunately, the man passed away and he was identified as a huge Tottenham Hotspurs fan, Jules Brevis.

Jules Tottenham Brevis dead at 50: What was his cause of death?

Jules Tottenham Brevis died at the age of 50 suddenly while attending a charity boxing event in Norwich. The police are currently investigating the case and his body has been referred to the coroner.

The officials are yet to release the specific cause of his death. According to the initial reports, Brevis died of a sudden cardiac arrest. He didn’t suffer from any past illnesses and passed away unexpectedly.

Tributes coming in Jules Tottenham Brevis

Ever since the news emerged, people are paying respect to Jules Tottenham Brevis due to his sudden passing.

“Rest in peace, jab master Jules Tottenham Bevis. A Norwich boxing legend and friend of many including myself. Today has been hard for a lot of people. All my thoughts are with your family,” wrote his friend Evan Rhys Hubbard.

“Tonight I’ve had to reflect on something that happened on a day that was all about raising money for a little girl. Getting local boxers from the past competing in some exhibition bouts with no winners or losers, just some fun and raising plenty of money for a charity. Sadly Jules Tottenham Bevis, who is a long term friend who I was brought up around as kid, unexplainably collapsed in the corner in an exihibiton match. Jules I know its a sport you loved dearly and you will be missed by so many people my friend. RIP JabMaster Bevis,” wrote Jackson Williams.

Legend Fitness Academy has also paid tribute to the late boxer. They wrote:

“Terrible terrible heartbreaking news tonight. All I’m going to say (and I’m not good with words I’m afraid, lost for words, to be honest) is all our thoughts and love at this awful time are with the Bevis family and our boxing brother, friend, and sparring partner Tareik Bevis from our sister club Iceni Siam Norwich Everyone at our Team K9 Family is devastated for you. Anything we can do to help in any way consider it done Tareik Family is everything. X

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. May God let the departed soul rest in peace.