How Did Jimmy Sohns Die? The Shadows of Knight Lead’s Cause of Death Explained

Musical legend and lead singer of ’60s hugely popular band “The Shadows of Knight” Jimmy Sohns passed away at the age of 75. He had been hospitalized earlier this week and then his daughter confirmed the news of his death on Friday. Read on to know what happened to him.

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The Illinois band announced the tragic incident alongside Sohns’ family. Jimmy Sohns and his band’s most memorable song is “Gloria.” It was an insanely hit track and the audience can never forget it.

Ever since the news of Sohns’ passing emerged, fans and people from the music industry are paying tributes to the departed soul. Jimmy and a friend still ran the band’s social media pages where they posted old pics from their golden age. Hence, he was very close to the fans.

How did Jimmy Sohns die? What happened to him?

Jimmy Sohns was a renowned musician of the 60’s era. He was 75 years old. Jimmy was hospitalized earlier this week after suffering a stroke. He was battling for life and undergoing treatment. However, the late singer couldn’t survive.

Jimmy’s daughter announced on Friday that his father has passed away due to a stroke. He also suffered a stroke back in 2016 when he had to set up a GoFundMe page to support the cost of his treatment.

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His old age likely was the secondary cause of his demise as he couldn’t recover in time and gave up on this life. Fans are extremely saddened to hear about his demise.

What was Jimmy Sohns’s Cause of Death?

Jimmy Sohns died after suffering a stroke earlier this week. He couldn’t recover even after being admitted to an intensive care unit likely due to old age and having an active history of health issues.

The official social media account of the band announced earlier this week that Jimmy had been admitted to a hospital after suffering a stroke. Previously, Jimmy shared a post where he stated “I loved signing autographs back then and I still do 55 years later..share any experiences of meeting me here.”

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Jimmy Sohns Early Life and The Shadows of Knight Days

Jimmy Sohns was born in Chicago in 1946 as James Alan Sohns. He formed The Shadows of Knight, an American pop band, in 1964 alongside Warren Rogers (lead guitar), Roger Spielmann (rhythm and lead guitar/ vocals), Norm Gotsch (rhythm guitar), Wayne Pursell (bass guitar), and Tom Schiffour (drums).

He was the voice of the band. The Illinois band was founded simply as “Shadows.” The group was later renamed “The Shadows of Knight” after knowing about an existing British band of the same name. Whiz Winters came up with the idea for the new name of the band.

The new name of the band was an excellent combination of the British Invasion in the music of that era. In addition to that, four of the band members went to Prospect High School in Mt. Prospect, Illinois. The sports team had the name “Knights” there.

The band performed for a couple of years and their biggest hit was their version of “Gloria.” It was originally recorded by Van Morrison’s band Them. The Shadows of Knight opened for the Byrds in 1965 in Chicago. They also covered tunes by Bo Diddley and also had a couple of other songs reach the top 100.

The Shadows of Knight parted ways in 1967. At a point, Sohns was the only original member in the group. He continued the legacy of the band for decades to come with new members.

Fans Paying Tribute to Jimmy Sohns and Remembering The Shadows of Knight

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Jimmy Sohns is survived by his wife Kathy and daughter. More details about the survivors are unknown at the moment. His family, friends, and fans have been paying tributes to the departed soul while remembering the band in emotional messages.

“RIP Jimy Sohns. Good friend and lead singer of the Shadows Of Knight. They were one of the archetypes of Garage Rock and helped define Chicago RocknRoll. Deepest condolences to his family. He will live forever in the Underground Garage,” tweeted musician Steven Van Zandt.

“Poor Jimy. Glad I was able to meet and hang with him in SF. He was an enthusiastic and a good guy … and a frickin’ legend! RIP Jimy” Another user added, “A great artist and sensitive man. He accepted to work with his fans, and we made a record together which will be a milestone in our lives!” wrote a fan.

“I’m very saddened to share the news that Jimy Sohns, lead singer of the Shadows of Knight, my band’s former road manager and long-term friend has transitioned into spirit,” stated Skafish.

“Never will forget “Gloria” drifting up to my AM radio at night in Wisconsin from WLS…RIP Jimy ❤️” wrote another fan.

We are heartbroken over Jimmy’s passing. Our deepest condolences go out to the deceased. May God let him rest in peace.

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  1. Rest in peace jimy sohns you will never be forgotten your legend and music lives on .

  2. Jimy’s last performance was one week prior to his stroke on Friday and was scheduled for a performance that evening. The next evening he was to make an appearance with Ted Nugent at the Arcada Theater. He did not give up. He fought it till the end.

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