How did Dex Beats die? Cause of Death Revealed

Dex Beats, a famous member of the hip hop group Elemeno P and music producer, passed away on Saturday. Read on to know how did Dex Beats die, what happened to him, and what was the cause of his untimely death.

Dex Beats owned a website in his name where his fans can order the “BeatMaker Collection” line featuring apparel, accessories, and other items dedicated to hip hop and freestyle. He also had a huge following on social media platforms.

How did Dex Beats die?

Dex Beats, the San Francisco-based video producer and beatmaker, died on Saturday, September 24, 2022. The tragic announcement of his untimely demise came via “Thizzler On The Roof’s Facebook page where they paid tribute to the late beatmaker.

“Rest In Peace to South San Francisco producer @dexbeats 💔,” the post states.

The post goes on to remember Beats remarkable works and collaborations before sending condolences to his family and loved ones. It concludes with “#RIPDexBeats 🙏🕊”

What was the cause of Dex Beats’ death?

Dex Beats died of cancer as confirmed by Thizzler’s Facebook post.

“We were saddened to learn that he passed after a struggle with cancer,” they stated in the post.

Fans didn’t know before that Beats was struggling with cancer. He always greeted them with a smile and never revealed that he was having a critical health battle behind the cameras. Subsequently, his death comes as a shock to many as he was very young.

Who was Dex Beats? Everything to Know About the Beatmaker

Dex Beats was a South San Francisco-based video producer and a well-known hip-hop personality. He was an active member of Elemeno P hip hop group. He worked with many Bay Area legends like San Quinn, The Jacka, Mistah FAB, and Zio I

Beats also recorded, mixed, and mastered Thizzler’s first compilation “Darkest Before Dawn” (available on Soundcloud). He was a highly-skilled producer and videographer. As a person, Beats was genuine, down-to-earth, and kind-hearted.

Dex Beats was very popular on Instagram. He has 14.6K followers on the platform and he regularly shared updates on his life there. He also posted stuff from the Beatmaker Collection on his website on Instagram for promotional purposes.

Dex Beats also has 1000+ followers on Twitter and 583 subscribers on YouTube. He was widely known for curating instrumentals for Emcees. His apparel line on features some really cool tees and accessories.

Fans paying tribute to Dex Beats

Dex Beats didn’t have a massive fan following but had a significant base of followers who cared for him. Ever since the news broke, they’ve been paying respect and tribute to the late beatmaker.

Most of them are shocked by Beats’ sudden passing as no one knew that he had been suffering from cancer.

Our heart goes out to his family in these tough times. May God let the departed soul rest in peace.