How did Coach Mike Hickmon die? Who killed Mike Hickmon?

Mike Hickmon, a youth football coach from Texas was shot and killed during a juvenile football game on 14th August 2022. The internet has been in outrage over his death incident, many people have been suspecting that Aqib Talib’s (former NFL star) brother had something to do with it.

The coach of the Pee Wee football team, Hickmon was shot three times on the field in front of his 9-year old son. He was rushed to the hospital where he took his last breath and succumbed to injuries. Mike Hickmon was 43-year old, he has reportedly played in the National Football League (NFL) for 8 years.

Who killed Coach Mike Hickmon?

According to online sources, Hickmon was instructing his son when violence broke out among the adults on the field, and within the fraction of seconds, Mike Hickmon got shot and killed! The saddest part was the young boy had witnessed his dad dying right before him…

Check out the viral gunshot video from the place of incident !!

The internet is in outrage after the murder of Mike Hickmon. The altercation that led to his death was caught on video and leaked online, leading to numerous theories and doubts about what had happened.

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Aqib Talib former National Football league (NFL ) star and his brother are suspected to be involved in the kill, according to several sources.  Yaqub Talib the elder brother of Aqib Talib is wanted by Lancaster (Tx) police for the alleged murder of Hickmon . The Man in the recorded video wearing all black is identified as Yaqub Talib, he is the coach of the opponent team as per Lancaster Police Department. Lancaster PD has announced an arrest warrant against Yaqub Talib in a local press release.

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Scott Finley (Lancaster city spokesperson) has also commented that authorities believe Yaqub Talib was the suspected shooter.

However, the truth is still to be uncovered. What is certain is that Mike Hickmon lost his life too soon, and his death has left community to mourn. As the investigation into his murder continues, those who knew him best will be hoping for justice.

In a world where violence is all too common, Coach Hickmon’s commitment to helping others achieve their goals was an inspiration to all of us. His loss is a tragedy, but his memory will always live in the hearts of those he impacted. Our payers are extending to his loved ones in this difficult time.