How Did Chukwuemeka Igboanugo die? What was the Cause Of His Death? Explained

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the death of Chukwuemeka Igboanugo. He was a boxer who represented Imo State. He live in Enugu, Anambra, Nigeria. Keep reading to know more about this Tragic incident

How did Chukwuemeka Igboanugo die?

That is the question on many people’s minds since the Imo-born boxer lost a fight in the 86kg weight class, through knockout, to Anambra’s Prince Gaby Amagor. During the National Sports Festival in Asaba, Delta State, Igboanugo was hit and failed to stand up afterwards.

The referee was forced to declare Amagor the winner of the bout as Igboanugo was unable to continue. To make matters worse, Igboanugo remained immobilized on the ground and had to be dragged off for medical attention before being brought to a hospital.

There were murmurs of uncertainty among fans as they watched this remarkable turn of events unfold. In what seemed like minutes, a tragic end came for Chukwuemeka Igboanugo as he passed away in hospital due to his injuries sustained in the match.

What was the cause of Chukwuemeka Igboanugo death?

Tragically, Chukwuemeka Igboanugo died in the ring during a fiercely contested bout at the National Sports Festival in Asaba. The Imo-born fighter was facing off against Anambra’s Prince Gaby Amagor when disaster struck; after being struck in the chin, Igboanugo refused to stand up despite the referee’s encouragement, leading to the fight being declared in favour of Amagor and resulting ultimately in Igboanugo’s death. What began as an exciting match ended with an unimaginable tragedy; unfortunately, this is not an isolated case and highlights the risks associated with boxing.

Tribute to pour chukwuemeka death

Joshua Enyereibe

Sure, we really miss u all

Omamuli Jackson

So sad, may his soul rest in peace.

Eche Mentus

It’s better to be a politician than a boxer, may his soul rest in peace

Abdul Kezo IkonAllah

Following the death of boxer Chukwuemeka Igboanugo at the ongoing National Sports Festival in Asaba, Delta State on Tuesday, a boxing coach has blamed the medical personnel at the venue for their treatment and inaction that could have saved the athlete’s life. Igboanugo, who was representing Imo State, was said to have passed out after he received multiple punches in the chin from Anambra’s Gaby Amagor in their 86kg category bout.

The referee thereupon ended the fight after he failed to recover.

“He was immediately taken out of the ring for medical treatment before being rushed to the hospital, where he was confirmed dead,” a boxing official state.

We are deeply saddened by this news and urge everyone to pray for his loved ones who have been left behind. He will forever be remembered as an incredible fighter who inspired many. May he rest in peace.