How did Bruno “Pop N Taco” Falcon die? What was his Cause of death?

Bruno “Pop N Taco” Falcon, a pioneer in hip hop and a renowned dancer, is said to have passed away, according to his family and friends. Let’s take a look at how Bruno “Pop N Taco” Falcon passed away, and whats the reason for his passing ?

Who was Bruno “Pop N Taco” Falcon?

Bruno Falcon was born on June 10th, 1964, in the city of Los Angeles, which is located in California. Bruno, better known by his stage name Pop N Taco, went on to have careers as a dancer, a choreographer, and an actor. He was well-known for his dance moves, and he spent many years dancing alongside well-known singers and dancers.

How did Bruno “Pop N Taco” Falcon die?

According to his sister Diana Wolgamott, who spoke to TMZ about her brother’s passing, the well-known breaker and choreographer from the Los Angeles area passed away suddenly at his home in Long Beach on Saturday. She stated that she believes it is possible that he passed away as a result of a heart attack. According to reports, his passing is being investigated as a possible natural cause, and an autopsy will not be performed.

Bruno was a mainstay in the dance scene throughout the 1980s and 1990s thanks to a style of locking that he developed into his own and popularised in the cult classic movie “Breakin’,” in which he portrayed Electro Rock 1 alongside Ice-T. This technique was popularised in the movie “Breakin’,” in which he starred.

Regarding this topic, the rapper gave a response on Twitter to a fan who questioned whether or not he was aware of Bruno’s passing by stating, “Yep, just got a text. It was too soon for him. Smh.”

Cause of Bruno Falcon death

Diana Wolgamott, Bruno’s sister, is the one who reportedly broke the news to TMZ that Bruno had passed away at his home in Long Beach. There was not enough time to perform an autopsy, so we can only speculate that the cause of death was a heart attack. But despite this, the cause of death listed for Bruno Falcon is incorrect.

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Bruno Falcon Career

After that, the actor went on to appear in a variety of films, including “Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey,” “Thumbelina,” and even “Moonwalker,” starring Michael Jackson. He danced on and off with the movie star for years and even appeared in a few music videos together, so it’s safe to say that he and Michael Jackson had a very intense courtship.

One of the dancers from “Smooth Criminal” who did the long-lasting lean dance sequence may bring up pleasant memories for him. In addition, it is said that Bruno instructed Michael Jackson in the art of popping and locking, a style Michael Jackson frequently used throughout his career. Throughout the entirety of Michael Jackson’s HIStory tour in the ’90s, Bruno was by his side, and it appears that he worked as a choreographer for the show.

Bruno has also danced with other members of Michael Jackson’s immediate family, including La Toya and Janet. In addition to that, he has made appearances in music videos for legendary singers such as Lionel Richie and Chaka Khan.

Tributes to Bruno Falcon

Del Mak tweeted,

Take It Easy Bruno Falcon, better known by his stage as Pop N Taco, is unquestionably one of the most skilled practitioners of popping dance that we have ever witnessed. A Hispanic trailblazer who defied conventions and his work with Michael Jackson will live on in only immortality.

The tweet from the Cannon Film Guide read:

The news that the legend of street dancing known as “Pop ‘n’ Taco,” Bruno Falcon, passed suddenly yesterday is upsetting to me. Fans of Breakin’ will remember him as one of Ozone and Turbo’s competitors in dance battles.

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