How Did Brent Moss Die? Know Everything About The American Football Player

A former American football running back player passed away unexpectedly on November 12, 2022, at the age of 50. Since the news came out everyone is in huge shock and the whole social media has been mourning.

Keep reading the article to know who Brent Moss was, what’s his background, how did he die, and many more!

Who was Brent Moss?

Brent Moss was born on 30 January 1972, in Racine Wisconsin, United States. He was very fond of football since his childhood. Right after completing his primary education, he went on to become a football player. He played at Racine park high school and was a member of the Wisconsin football team from 1991-94. Brent wore a number 31 jersey and rushed over 5,000 yards and performed as a catalyst for the turnaround during those decades.

He was the recipient of the Silver Football, offered by the Chicago Tribune as the Big Ten Player of the year 1993. Later, he became the most valuable player for his team. Brent was the team’s leading scorer in 1993 and won the Big Ten and the Rose Bowl in Alvarez’s fourth season. After that, he was listed as a Big Ten Player of the Year, which lead him to the Badgers.

He got the chance to play for Miami Dolphins in 1995. And, later he signed St. Louis Rams and he rushed 92 yards on 22 carries. In 1996, he was released by the St. Louis Rams during summer training camp.

How Did Brent Moss Die?

On Sunday, Brent Moss a former University of Wisconsin star running back, died. Brent’s death news went viral after Jason Arndt of the Burlington Standard Press broke the news. No cause of death had been publicly announced as of now. We will update you as soon as we know the real cause of his death.

Brent Moss was a great man whom we all loved and who made the world much happier in his presence. He was the one who never lags behind when it comes to helping needy people.

Tributes for Brent Moss

After the death news went viral, his followers and loved ones from all over the world have been expressing their condolences and tributes across different social media platforms.

Former Wisconsin footballer and teammate Terrell Fletcher commented on Brent Moss’s sudden death on Sunday. Both of them were a dominant pair in the Wisconsin backfield. Brent and Moss jumped within the top 10 of all-time rushing yards in program history by the time they were done.

Terrell Fletcher tweeted on Sunday that reads: “I hate that we didn’t become friends in time to appreciate our magic. But we made it in time. You were one of the best that ever made it. Respect.”

We are sending our deep condolence to his family, and all the loved ones of Brent Moss. His unexpected death has left all of us in deep pain. Thus, we pray to God to bless all of them with all the strength they need to pass through this difficulty.

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