How did BB King die? What happened to the basketball legend?

On December 20th, 2022, BB king, the legendary basketball coach passed away, leaving behind his everlasting legacy. The Mountain basketball community mourns the passing of BB King, he was known for his flourishing years coaching at Knott Central.

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Who was BB King?

BB King was a prominent figure at Knott Central during his time as a player, his 1941 points made him the third all-time leading scorer for the Patriots. His presence extended beyond his time on the court, as he continued to contribute to Knott Central through his 12 years of coaching.

Over his coaching career, which culminated in a 260-109 record, King earned seven district titles, five regional titles, and three All “A” regional titles a staggering achievement by any measure.

One of the crown jewels of his tenure he trained was Camron Justice who was Mr. Basketball 2015 and the only Mr. Basketball to ever hail from Knott County. King’s accomplishments speak for themselves, he truly established himself as an indelible figure in Knott County athletics during his impressive career.

BB King announced his resignation

After a staggering 12 year career at Knott Central, BB King finally stepped down from his position as head coach. King’s expertise and coaching style provided a major impact on the school, inspiring many through dedication. His leadership undoubtedly impacted Knott Central greatly and its abundant accomplishments will not be forgotten.

How did BB King die? What happened to the basketball legend?

The news of BB King’s passing has left the world with a heavy heart. According to reports, he had been suffering from pneumonia in both lungs and had to be hospitalized earlier in the week.

A family member of BB King shared the update on his health in a Facebook post.

Unfortunately, his condition reportedly got worse, leading to him being placed on a ventilator in an ICU unit at ARH Whitesburg. On December 20th, 2022 he sadly passed away.

Although the official cause of death is still not announced by his family or known ones.

Tributes extended to BB King on social media

Fans, friends, and family of BB king have shared their tributes on his passing. Many have extended their grief and prayers to his family and loved ones.

Kennedy Breeding say’s “4 years ago, I only knew BB as Kennedy’s uncle”, “If I’ve learned anything about BB, it was that he was the definition of a fighter.”

We extend your prayers and condolences to BB King’s family and loved ones. May his soul rest in peace.

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