Is Andy Detwiler dead or alive? Cause Of Death Explained Rumors About the YouTube Star’s Death Emerge

Andy Detwiler, the popular farmer who runs the “Harmless Farmer” channel on YouTube has reportedly passed away. However, nothing is certain at this time. Read on to know if Andy Detwiler is dead or alive, and if he’s dead, then what was the cause of his demise?

Rumors about Andy Detwiler’s death have been surfacing the web since yesterday. However, his family and friends are yet to come out with a statement. We have seen his fans paying tribute to the late head baseball coach and Ohio farmer.

Is Andy Detwiler dead or alive?

Andy Detwiler, the popular YouTuber and farmer with no hands, died recently as per the reports surfacing on the internet and social media platforms. People close to him have paid respect to the brave man on Twitter, Reddit, and other platforms.

If the reports are to be believed, Andy Detwiler is no more. He passed away on Thursday, September 22, 2022. However, some sources claim that Andy is fine and residing in his home right now. Nothing is certain at this moment.

We’re trying to reach out to his family to find confirmation. We’ll update this section once more information is made available.

Update: One of Andy’s friends, Blake Lirette, confirmed that Detwiler has passed away.

What was the cause of Andy Detwiler’s death?

It’s unknown if Andy Detwiler is dead or alive. The reports claiming that the YouTuber has passed away didn’t reveal the specific circumstances under which he died and the exact cause that led to his demise.

We’re still trying to find out more information about Andy Detwiler’s death. We’ll let you know when a statement from his loved ones becomes available. Let’s hope for the best and believe that Detwiler is still alive.

Update: New reports have emerged that Andy Detwiler was involved in a truck accident that took his life. However, there are no credible sources behind them.

Who is Andy Detwiler?

Andy Detwiler is a farmer based in Mid Western Ohio where he runs a fifth-generation farm. He runs a YouTube channel by the name “Harmless Farmer” which has more than 129K subscribers. He shares his regular life on the channel where he can be seen working on the farm.

Detwiler met an accident on July 18, 1972, as a young boy, and lost his both arms. He fell into a grain auger while helping his grandfather. However, this didn’t stop him, and grew up to become a fully functional farmer.

He farms alongside his father Tom and uncle John. The three of them manage around 1300 acres of corn and soybeans. Despite having no arms, Andy is able to move hales of bay with his mouth and change a tire using the impact gun.

The brave man is able to conquer his life without complaining about his shortcomings. He is an inspiration for many. This is the time to keep Andy Detwiler in your prayers. Our heart goes out to his family if anything has happened to him.