How did Ahmed Alshaiba die? Everything about the car accident

Car accidents have been a menace to society, and the irony here is that it is the driver’s fault most of the time. Whatsoever the case, a lot of people lose lives in these incidents, and others lose their loved ones. A similar kind of mishappening occurred a month ago, on September 28, with Ahmed Alshaiba, a Yemini musician, who lost his life in a car crash. His accident occurred in New York State, and the musician’s demise caused a wave of sadness among his friends and family.

A majority of his fans, friends, and family members paid their tribute to him on social media handles like Twitter, Instagram and others. His tragic death was confirmed by his brother Ali Shibah. However, no other information regarding the last rites of the Yemeni musician, along with family gatherings, has been shared online to keep the events private and cause limited to no interference in the personal procedures of the family.

How did Ahmed Alshaiba die?

Ahmed Alshaiba’s death is nothing like a mystery; it is straight and clear from a distance that it was a car accident. Nevertheless, no other details regarding the same have been shared by his brother online, even after a month after the incident.

Early life, career, and journey of Ahmed Alshaiba?

Ahmed Alshaiba was a Yemeni musician born on May 15, 1990, to Ahmed Nasser Shibah in Sana, Yemen. His father was a businessman by profession and his mother, Fanda Zeyad, looked after the household stuff. Until he reached the age of 14, Ahmed had no interest or inclination toward music. Hu used to watch his brother Hussein learning lessons of Oud, which is a musical instrument. The Oud was gifted to them by their sister Malkah. She bought it from Egypt.

His journey with the Oud started when his brother lost interest in the musical instrument, and he picked it up to self-learn the instrument. In an interview given by him to the Times of Israel, he said that he used to play Oud until the point his fingers started hurting. There came a time when he could play any song on Oud just by listening to it once. He even skipped school to practice Oud and spend his time in a music store.

In around 2012, Ahmed Alshaiba shifted to the United States and worked at his brother’s convenience store based in Mamaroneck. In the meanwhile, he used to post cover songs online on multiple platforms. Around 2017, he rose to fame when Sia shared his rendition of ‘The Greatest, and it garnered around 1.7 million views on Instagram. After a while, he removed the job angle from his life to pursue his full time career in music. His first album, Malahide, was launched only a month before his death, in which he wrote all the songs.

Some of the most popular YouTube videos by him are the Depsacito Oud version which garnered 7.3 million views, Alan Walker’s Faded, with 6.9 million views, and Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You, with 6.8 million views. Collectively, his YouTube videos have around 113 million views.

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